Poor Performance Explanation Letter for not Achieving Sales

In order to boost sales and increase revenue, companies usually hire salespersons and managers. They are usually qualified and skilled enough to know what strategies they can implement to increase the sales of the products and services of the company. 

People are usually given a target to achieve when it comes to increasing sales. This is also a part of their job and when they don’t fulfill that target, they are admonished. In some cases, they are also asked to submit an explanation letter so that the company can know what the factors that are contributing to making the performance of an employee poor are. 

What is an explanation letter for not achieving sales?

It is a letter in which an employee clarifies why he could not reach the monthly sales target. In other words, an employee in this letter explains why his performance is not up to par. Through the explanation letter, the employee can also apologize for causing inconvenience to the company with his poor performance. 

It is very common for workers in a company to write explanation letters whenever they breach the policy of the company misbehave or don’t meet the expectations of the company in any way. Therefore, as an employee, you should be able to write a professional-looking explanation letter. 

How do you write an explanation letter when your performance is not good?

Here are the key points…

Start with explaining:

As soon as you start the letter, explain in the letter why your performance at the workplace is not good and why you did not meet the desired target. Let the reader know that you are not giving any justification for your poor performance and you just want the reader to know about the genuine reason behind the actual problem you are facing. 

Appreciate the reader:

When you could not prove yourself and you did not boost the sales of the company, the employer can take any decision that may not be in your favor. However, he still does not decide anything and asks you for an explanation; it means that he is being kind to you. So, you should appreciate your employer for showing kindness and cooperation. 


Since you have caused inconvenience to the company, you should be generous enough to apologize. This letter, in this way, helps you get away with the consequences that you may have faced due to not being able to reach the sales target. 

Reassure to not repeat:

Reassure at the end of the letter that whatever complaints the employer has with you will be dealt with as now you are committed to improving your performance and then give a firm statement that the problems that are being based right now because of you will not resurface. 

Below is a professional sample letter to follow:

Sample letter:

Subject: Poor performance Explanation letter 

Respected sir, 

Thank you so much for allowing me to explain why my performance was not up to the mark. I know that there is no justification for showing poor performance at the workplace, but I would be highly thankful if you consider my genuine reason for not being able to achieve the sales target. 

For the last couple of weeks, I have been going through many health issues. Due to poor health, I was not as active as I used to be earlier. I had visited many doctors but none of them could diagnose the issue. I was frequently absent from work and was feeling sick while on duty because meeting the sales target was not possible for me. However, now I am getting better as I can get better treatment and am on the road to recovery. 

Apart from my health, there is nothing that has impacted my efficiency. Therefore, I assure you that the type of performance that I have shown in the last two months will not repeat. 

I would like to apologize for not meeting the company’s expectations. I hope that you will understand my situation. 

Thank you so much for your cooperation and support. 


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Poor Performance Explanation Letter for not Achieving Sales

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