Meeting Record Forms

Meetings are important and occur in every workplace. There are teacher meetings, meetings in offices, etc. It is necessary to have a record of the meeting to know what the meeting involved.

What is a Meeting Record Form?

A meeting record form is a form that clearly and in detail records the details of a meeting. It allows one to know what the meeting was involved.

Meeting Record Form

What to add to a meeting record form?

If you need to make a meeting record form, consider the below details:

Microsoft Word– The meeting record form can be made in Microsoft Word. This will make it a professional document.

Name of the meeting– Give the document a heading. This can be the name of the meeting.

Date and time– Have a slot that will state the date and time of the meeting clearly. These are both important because it needs to be known when the conference was held.

Meeting location– State where the meeting was held.

Who the meeting was led by? State the name of the person or organization by who the meeting was led.

The subject of the meeting– A slot telling the subject of the meeting needs to be stated.

Participant name and signatures– An area for who participated in the meeting needs to be provided. This should have their names and signatures. Leave space over here so that all involved can fill in their name.

Purpose of the meeting– Tell what the actual purpose of the particular meeting was.

Items discussed– An area clearly stating what was discussed at the meeting needs to be given. The items can be written in point form if many were discussed or they can be stated in detail over here.

Problems identified– It is necessary to state any problems or issues that were identified and the areas that these are concerned with. This will help the reader know what to handle.

Members’ suggestions– This is another vital part of the meeting that needs to be recorded. The valid suggestions should be given on the record form so that they can be looked into and considered.

Plans– These can be stated in point format. Everything in the form should be clear and easy to understand by all involved.

Advantages of Meeting Record Forms:

The advantages of a meeting record form are the following:

  • It allows the organization to have a document stating what was involved in a certain meeting.
  • Has details of all the important points discussed and any suggestions are given.
  • Tells of any areas where work needs to be done.
  • Has a record of who was involved in the meeting.

A meeting record form is a form that is a professional one. It should be created carefully so that all details can be stated clearly on it. Whoever needs to read the form later or check the details of what was involved in the meeting, should be able to do this easily.

Meeting Record Form Template

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