Letter of Explanation for Address Discrepancy

We are not perfect and any of us can make mistakes. This may be an address discrepancy for instance. If this occurs in a document, a letter of explanation for address discrepancy can be submitted.

What is a letter of explanation for address discrepancy?

A letter of explanation for address discrepancy is a letter that a person writes when they have made an error in stating an address in something like a document for instance. The letter will explain why this address discrepancy has occurred.

Importance of a letter of explanation for address discrepancy

The explanation letter is important as it explains why an error has occurred in any type of document concerning the address given. If an error occurs, issues can be faced and so the person needs to explain the situation by writing this letter. The letter is a formal way for the person to apologize for the inconvenience caused and explain why this happened.

When to write?

You may write the letter when you find out that there is a discrepancy present in the document you have submitted. You should immediately write the letter so that you can explain the situation and so that it does not negatively impact anything.

Benefits of a letter of explanation for address variation

The letter of explanation for addressing the discrepancy is beneficial due to the following reasons:

It lets a person explain the discrepancy:

When any error occurs in a document it can cause issues at the receiver’s end. The institute may contact the customer and ask why there is a discrepancy in address. When this happens, a customer can write an explanation letter to explain the discrepancy.

The person can communicate this professionally so that the reader will not face any confusion and so that there is no hindrance in procedures. It is important that you keep a good impression despite the mistake you have made and you can do this by explaining your reasons briefly and clearly in a formal letter.

Proof of explanation:

The letter is something that can be kept as proof that the customer explained the discrepancy in address. This can be used if needed for any issue. The organization may claim that you did not let them know about the discrepancy leading to a delay in procedures. If this occurs, you can show the explanation letter and when you sent it.

It allows the institute to know about addressing the discrepancy:

Due to an address discrepancy in a document, the receiver may face hurdles in procedures. They will not know which address to use and will be confused about why a discrepancy is present. They will need to know why this is so so that procedures can be continued effectively. With the help of the letter, they will know the reasons behind this and can then continue with procedures accordingly. You can show the institute that you are sorry for the mistake you made.

Sample letter of explanation for address discrepancy:


Name of Receiver

Address of Receiver

Subject: Letter of explanation for address discrepancy

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am (tell your name) and an account holder in your bank with the account number (state your account number). I received a letter from the bank asking me to explain why there is an address discrepancy in my statement. I am writing this letter in response to this.

I mentioned two different addresses by mistake. I have moved to a new address and there are many documents where this change of address was needed. I intended to change the address wherever my old address was given. But, there are some places where I still need to change it. I was not able to change the address on the document I submitted to your bank therefore it made my details look ambiguous.

I am sorry for the inconvenience that has been caused due to this. My address is (tell me what your address is clearly). I want the bank to use this address for any type of correspondence in the future. If there is anything that you want to ask me, you can contact me at (give your phone number).


(Your Name)


Letter of Explanation for Address Discrepancy

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