Letter Requesting Partnership with an Organization

It is important to carry out all company procedures professionally. If you want to partner with an organization, you need to show them that you are worth this. You can do so by sending a letter requesting a partnership with the organization.

What is a letter requesting a partnership with an organization?

A letter requesting a partnership with an organization is a formal letter that the potential partner will write to the organization showing their interest in wanting to partner with them. The letter will tell what the business can do to aid the potential partner out and how the joint venture can benefit both parties.

Importance of the letter

A partnership request letter is important because it allows a business to formally and professionally state to an organization that they will like to partner with them. It allows the business to tell how the organization will prosper due to this. It allows the business seeking the partnership to effectively market their company and highlight what their short-term as well as long-term goals are. If the partnership is agreed upon, it may help the business expand and get new customers.

Benefits of a letter for partnership request

A letter requesting a partnership is beneficial due to the following reasons:

It helps businesses seeking partnerships to market their company:

Any business be it a new one or an established one will want to get a larger customer base. They will want to market their company so that it is known. With the help of this letter, a business can do this. They can let the organization know about its company and what it does.

In the letter, the business seeking the partnership will tell details about their company. The company can show its professionalism and how they are interested in the partnership and what it will be able to do for the organization.

Organizations can know the benefits of doing business with different companies:

If the organization was looking for potential partner candidates, they may have let different companies know about this. These companies will then send a letter requesting that the organization chose them. With the help of the letters, the organization can decide which company will be the best to partner with.

They can keep the letter with them and consult it when figuring out which company to choose to partner with. The letter will show the organization why they should choose a certain business. It will state how the partnership can help the business out. The organization can then choose the company that will provide it with the maximum advantages and which can also benefit from the partnership.

Proof of request:

The organization can keep the different letters and consult them as proof when they want to get a new partner. They may choose a certain company but need to get another partner later on, if they keep the letters of request, they can look over them and consult the company that will be able to help them out.

Sample Letter


Name of Sender’s Company
Address of Sender’s Company
The date on which the letter is written


Name of Receiver’s Company
Address of Receiver’s Company

Subject: Letter requesting partnership

Dear Sir/Madam,

It is an honor to submit this letter requesting a partnership with your organization (name of organization). We are an established and esteemed company dealing in (state what services or products your company provides). We would like to partner with your organization as our companies share a mission (state how your company and the organization are similar). We believe that a joint venture can help both our organizations out.

We wish to propose a partnership with your organization. Our company currently has a good customer base in (tell where you are functioning) and also in other countries across the world. With a partnership with your organization, we will be able to expand in the territory in which you are functioning. We presently have a business stronghold in these regions. The partnership can even help your organization expand.

We are looking for an organization to partner with (tell how the organization will help you out). Our joint venture can help sell more goods, get new customers, and also promote both companies.

Please consider this letter of request. We look forward to working with you. You can contact us at (state phone number) if you have any queries.

Thank you,

Yours Sincerely,

Your Name


Letter Requesting Partnership with an Organization

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