Letter of Authorization to Perform Work

A letter of authorization to perform work will give the ability to the individuals to authorize the work done on someone’s behalf on their property. The letter consists of the fourth name of the individual and also the name of his company to which the authorization of work is to be performed and also the address of the property where the work is to be done.

The letter will also give permission to the individual to perform the responsibility such as related to paying bills. It is better to give the authorization to perform work written than orally.

Official Letters

The letter of authorization to perform work contains litigation, miscommunication, or disagreements related to performing the work on a property. The letter should be given to a responsible individual. The letter is very useful, especially when giving authorization to a contractor for hiring subcontractors who will then perform work on a specific property.

The letter of authorization to perform work should contain the name of the owner or person who is giving authorization. He should agree to pay for the authorized work and the amount should be fixed does not carry any ambiguity. The exact validity of the work should be mentioned in the letter.

The letter should be short as a lengthy letter usually loses its importance. It should be clear and straightforward. The owner should make sure to whom the letter of authorization is given as it needs to be given to the correct person.

Letter -1

This letter is to authorize [company name] to start work on the [project name]. This project aims to link the villages of [name] and [name], separated by the river [name]. [company name] has been given the tender by [name of authorizing body] to build a bridge over the said river. The time frame is of six months and they will complete the project by [date]. The  

The [helping body] are hereby instructed to assist them in any way required. Anyone creating a problem for them would be held accountable by the [police] under section [number].

Looking forward to your cooperation,


To whom it may concern

The road connecting [name of city] to [name of city] had been blocked by a landslide caused by the earthquake on [date]. As a result, the mountain valley of [name] has been completely cut off and the supply of every day amenities as well as medical aid to the injured cannot be undertaken.

The [organization name] has been authorized to start clearing the road on a priority basis. The civil administration has been ordered to assist them with manpower and machinery. Excavators and other basic equipment have been dispatched and will reach the site by [date].

Mr. [name] would be the person coordinating the entire operation. He can be accessed at [phone number] if you have any queries or complaints. The public is requested to stay away from the said area for their own safety and the smooth running of the operation. Especially because continuous rain and thunderstorms are predicted for the next week which is going to make foot traffic difficult and also degrade the speed of the clearing operation.

Looking forward to your cooperation.

Letter of Authorization to Perform Work

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