Change of Invoice and Banking Details Letter to Client

A company issues the invoice to its customers in which the amount to be paid by the customer is mentioned. The invoice is a clear message for the client from the company to pay the due amount. This document also includes the information of the account in which the amount is to be deposited.

However, there are some situations when a company is left with no choice but to change its account. When this happens, all the things connected with the account are also changed.

What is a change of invoice and banking details letter to the customer?

This is a letter that an individual service provider or a representative of the business informs the customer about the fact that the account of the business has been changed and therefore, there will be a change in the invoice also.

Why it is important to write to inform the client?

When you are doing business, it is very common practice for you to receive funds from people to your account. It can be a very cumbersome process to switch to a new bank account since there are lots of people who need to be informed. However, a business cannot get away with this cumbersome process, and writing a letter to every relevant person to let them know about the changes is inevitable.

Some people don’t write letters and rely on making phone calls to all the clients and customers. Although making a phone call can work, writing a letter has no substitute. When you write a letter, you bring everything in writing, and therefore, there are very less chances of committing mistakes or creating confusion.

How to write it?

If you want to write an effective piece of writing, you should follow the tips given below:

Write as soon as possible:

When you have realized that changing the account is necessary, you should immediately write to all the people to who you have issued the invoice and you fear that they might end up depositing money to the old account. You are recommended to write as soon as possible so that the client does not credit money through the old invoice.

Inform the client about the change in account:

Inform the customer in clear words that you have changed the bank account and now you want him to use the new account for future transactions. After that, mention the account details that are necessary for the client to know including the name of the bank, account number, account type, branch code, and much more.

Make sure that you cross-check these details such as account number so that the customer does not have to face an inconvenience of any sort.

Inform him about the change in the invoice:

When you have changed the account, it is an understood fact that the invoice that you will issue in the future will also be updated. However, the client does not know if the recently issued invoice is valid or not. So, inform him that the invoice is not valid anymore and the company will issue him the new and updated invoice to him for future payments.

Read the example letter given below and see how to inform the client in a professional way:

Sample letter:


Dear Sir / Madam,

This letter is being written to inform you that the company has changed its account details. Please make sure that you update your records so that all future transactions from your side are credited to the new account of the company.

The details of the current account of the company are:

Name of the bank: _____________________

Account name: _________________

Account type: ________________

Branch No. ___________

Account No. ________________

With regard to the information of the new account provided above, it is to notify you that the invoice issued to you on 21st November 2021 has been changed. The company will issue you the new invoice and will be sent to your address.

If you have any queries, please contact me on (mention your phone number).

Thank you for your support

Yours sincerely.

Name of the sender,

Signatures of the sender


Change of Invoice and Banking Details Letter to Client

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