Written Instructions Letter to Bank

It is a formal letter that a customer of a bank writes to the bank. The purpose of this letter is to give instructions to the bank regarding any specific matter. This letter is useful as it guides the reader about a certain matter.

It is important to note that the letter with the written guidelines is always composed whenever there are some important instructions to give. In most situations, people choose to rely on verbal guidance and they don’t feel the need to go with the written correspondence. 

What is the purpose?

People write guidelines letters to banks to instruct them and make them act in a certain way. In the majority of the cases, the bank itself asks its customers to write the instructions letters because they are kept as a record and the customer can never hold the bank reprehensible for taking any action if it was already instructed.

In addition, the customer also finds it to be a useful step to take because when there are important instructions to give; bringing them in writing ensures that they will be followed as they are being directed

How to write a direct letter to the bank?

Read the main points given below to see how a perfect letter of directions can be composed:

Give your introductory details:

A bank has to deal with lots of customers in a day and due to this, if you fail to give your introduction in the letter which is necessary, the letter will be of no use because the bank will not be able to act upon your instructions. For instance, if you don’t mention your name and the account number you are about to give directions about, the bank will not be able to do anything in return.

Give the reason:

The bank will always want to know what made you write the letter with several guidelines. So, specify the reason in the letter. If the matter is not so big and you can easily get away with it without mentioning the reason, don’t provide the reason and proceed to the next step.

Mention the guidelines:

Whenever you write to the bank, it is essential to keep in mind that you write a formal letter. So, never add irrelevant details and come straight to the main point. Start giving instructions clearly and concisely. The instructions should be easy to understand by the reader and by you.

Provide your contact details:

It is important to mention your contact details at the end so that the bank management can contact you in case it needs to ask anything from you.

Proofread the letter well:

Sometimes there are such mistakes in the letter that make it difficult for us to communicate what we want. This becomes a critical issue especially when you are advising someone to do something. If you fail to write correctly, you will be able to transfer wrong details that can be harmful to you.


If you want to learn to write a letter in which you instruct the bank to follow your advice, you can follow the template. You can also download the template and edit it to customize it according to your own needs. Below is also given a sample letter written by a woman to the bank to give instructions regarding the transactions.

Sample letter:

Subject: Instructions regarding the transaction

Dear ABC,

I am Miss Lisa, have a savings account (mention the account number) in your bank. I have a joint account with my husband and we both often withdraw money from this account. I would like to inform you that due to some reasons, I don’t want this joint account to work in the same way as it used to. Please find some relevant instructions below:

  1. Please don’t allow my husband to withdraw money from my account until 10th March 20XX.
  2. You can block the account if you don’t hear from me in the next three months.

I hope that the following guidelines are clear to you. If you want to know anything else about this letter, please free to contact me.

Written instructions letter to bank

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