Warning Letter for Untidy Garden

It is a formal letter that is used to reprimand the employee who had been given the responsibility to take care of the garden but it was found that he was not performing his duties well.

Just like any other letter that is used to rebuke the worker, this letter is also intended to let the employee know that he needs to work with more interest and attention. The owner of the garden does not want to see the garden untidy anymore and therefore, he wants the worker to be aware of it.

Usually, the owner of the garden is someone who has the authority to reprimand the worker. However, if he has designated the duty of monitoring the work of gardening, then the person responsible can issue a warning letter.

People always consider writing a warning because they find it convenient to share their opinion about the performance of their employees or products they have sold. Some of the key benefits are listed below:

  1. The warning letter tells the recipient that the cleanliness of the garden holds significant importance for the owner and he should be more attentive towards his work. Some gardeners don’t care about cleanliness and they feel that planting more trees and plants and taking care of them is more important. So, this letter draws their attention to the messy garden that they have not been taking care of. 
  2. The warning letter also communicates the consequences of working carelessly. The gardener is informed that cleaning the garden is as important as other things he does in his daily routine. So, there can be repercussions for not attending to the garden with care. This way, the employee can be more serious.
  3. It is written proof that the employee was issued the warning and time in which he could improve himself. So, when the employer sacks him, he has a record that the sacking was legal and a regular course of action has been followed.

Following are some guidelines to follow:

Use a firm tone:

Your warning letter should use a firm tone because it should show that you are seriously addressing the matter and you are expecting the same from the gardener also. In addition, using a dedicated way of communication also shows that you respect the policy of warning the gardener about not fulfilling his responsibilities well. The reader also respects the letter with a firm tone. 

Clearly state what you did not like:

The gardener should be told emphatically that he was supposed to keep the lawn squeaky clean and this is his responsibility. This way, he will not be able to justify his action. In addition, the gardener understands that keeping the lawn untidy is something that can get him laid off.

Write a short letter:

The warning letter does not have to be too long. Just write basic information, the statement to reprimand, and then discuss the repercussions.

Read the sample letter given below and see how you can draft it.

Sample letter:

Subject: Warning for untidy garden maintenance during [X]

Dear ABC,

It is the second time I am writing this warning to you because you have not been keeping the garden tidy. Now, on the strict order, consider this warning as the last word from my side.

The garden is the first thing to be seen whenever someone enters the house. The mess on the lawn turns me off. The responsibility of cleaning the lawn and ensuring that everything remains orderly is on you and if you don’t keep it in an appropriate condition, you don’t do justice with your job.

You are required to show professionalism and it includes lots of things other than being at work daily. You need to take all the necessary steps that can keep the garden tidy and orderly. I will observe your performance for a complete month now and if you don’t show any improvement, you will be dismissed from the work forthwith.

Warning letter for untidy garden

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