Employment Verification Letter

An employment verification letter is a very important formal document that is also known as a proof of income letter. This letter is also useful when there is a need to verify that the person was previously employed.

Who needs the job confirmation letter?

People who are currently working in a company often request their employers to issue them a confirmation letter that can easily confirm their job in the company. They also request to mention salary in the letter so that the income a person claims to receive every month can also be confirmed.

The person who needs to give proof to a third party that he is capable of making the payment every month often applies for the confirmation letter. For instance, any person who wants to apply for car financing has to prove that he earns a specific amount every month and he can easily pay the installments of his car. This is the only way the bank or any other third party can choose to accept your application.

People also need to get their job verified when they need an apartment to rent but their landlord is not trusting them as he fears they might not be able to pay the rent on time. In this case, also, a job verification letter does a tremendous job.

What information should be added to the income proof letter?

The main components of this letter are:

  • Details of the employee whose job is to be verified

It is obvious that when you are writing to confirm someone’s employment in your company, you will always start with his personal information including his name, job title, designation in the company, and much more. Some employees also describe the salary they employee is receiving.

  • Details of the person who verifies the job:

This letter also includes the name and other descriptions of the person who is responsible for verifying the employment. This section is extremely important because people who need the confirmation often contact the verifier to confirm whether the confirmation was authentic or bogus

  • Proof of income:

In general, the employee gives the reason to the employee and lets him know that he needs proof of the income. So, when the perspective is clear to the employer, he can then draft the letter to make it meet the personal needs of the employee. In case the employee needs evidence of the income, the employer should describe the total salary the employee is paid, the date on which the salary is paid, deductions on the salary every month, and a description of how long the employee has been working in the company.

Things to remember:

If you are asked to write a proof of salary letter for someone, you will be required to keep the following points in mind:

  1. You don’t need to give false details in the letter because it might help the employee but in the long run, it will damage your reputation.
  2. Try to draft the letter in such a way that it helps the employee get confirmation from you.
  3. It is better to write a general letter instead of a specific one because the employee will be able to use it for a variety of purposes.

The sample letter of verification of the employment is given below. This letter template can help you a lot if you want to get a confirmation letter for your employment.

Sample letter:


Name of the employee:

Company’s name

Subject: Employment verification for [X]

To Whom It May Concern

This letter is being written to verify the employment of (mention the name of the employee). He/She has been employed in the company for more than 5 years in the information technology department. The salary is [X] per month.

Following are some supporting documents that are being attached to this letter:

  1. Payslip for June
  2. Wage
  3. Tax return on the salary
  4. Bank statement

If you want to know anything else about this matter, feel free to contact me at [contact] or email me on (mention your email).


Name of the employee.

Employment verification letter

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