Petty Cash Claim Letter

Petty cash is a specific amount of money that a company allocates in order to carry out various transactions. Many employers have to rely on their employees to make payments in various places. The company either pays the employee in advance or reimburses the payment later.

What is a petty cash claim letter?

it is a special type of letter that an employee writes to his boss whenever he wants to claim money that he has paid somewhere on behalf of the company. It can also be written when the employee is about to pay but lacks funds from the company.

When to write the petty cash claim letter?

In case you don’t know why and when you are going to use this letter, here are a few situations in which people often write this letter:

  1. When they run out of the petty cash that the company paid them earlier and now they are making the payment from their pocket
  2. When the company has already told the employee to write the claim for refund at the end of the month to clear the payment
  3. When employees need a quicker and a convenient way to make payment of a nominal amount and want to get away with the hassle of using the credit card

Why do people write nominal amount refund letters?

Sometimes, it is not a reasonable thing to do with the check when a company has to do a small transaction. This small transaction is generally considered petty cash and every company pays this cash amount to its employees. Sometimes, the employees have to pay for supplies for the office, flowers, payment for lunch, and much more.

Such letters are used as the best tools to help people claim the money they want to spend. Since they are also kept as a record, they secure the employer as well as the employee. The employee cannot reclaim the petty cash once it has been released.

How to draft the letter?

For some people, it is very difficult to write a letter in which they can ask their boss for a refund. Many people feel embarrassed when they have to do it and some don’t know how to do it professionally. Therefore, the following are some tips to follow:

Give your introduction at the start:

When you start the letter, always give your introduction in the first paragraph. The introduction should be enough to help the employer identify you.

Claim for the nominal amount:

After you have given your introduction, claim for the nominal amount you need to pay or you have paid. When you make a claim, mention the amount.

Discuss the reason behind the claim:

Although the employer always expects claims made by their workers, they want to know the reason for the claim. Mention the items you have purchased from the petty cash. If you have purchased a series of items, you can make a list of those items. Although the employer trusts you, you should always attach the bills with the letter or give the billing details in the letter.

Download the template:

If you need a letter that is professionally drafted and fulfills all your needs, you can download the template for this purpose. The template is the best and easiest way to have a letter that you can immediately send to your manager or employer and ask him for a refund. Using this template, you will be able to learn how to draft a professional letter.

Read the sample letter given below to get a clear idea about this claim letter.

Sample letter:

Subject: Claim for petty cash dated [DATE]

Dear manager,

I am (mention your name), and I work in the IT department of the company. My employee number is 4XYQ23. The purpose of writing this letter is to ask you for paying me the petty cash amounting to 50$. I have already paid this amount to purchase printing papers for the office.

I am attaching the billing details of the purchase with this letter. A prompt response from you will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Petty cash claim letter

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