Monthly Invoice Request Letter

An invoice is a simple list of all the goods and services that a purchaser has purchased and the prices of all those added items. In simple language, an invoice is also known as a bill.

Some sellers or suppliers immediately issue the invoice after the purchase has been made. However, in some particular cases, the supplier does not send an invoice for a long time. There is where the request letter for issuance of the invoice makes sense.

What is the monthly invoice request letter?

If you have not received an invoice for a month from the supplier, you can write a letter in which you can request the recipient to issue the bill. Sometimes, there is an agreement between the buyer and seller according to which, the buyer is supposed to pay the total bill of all the purchases made in a month after the month has finished. In this situation, the seller should state the bill to the buyer. However, if the seller forgets it, the buyer can request the seller to issue it

How important it is to write a letter to as for a charge?

No transaction in the business world can take place without written proof. Invoices are generally used for recording the transaction. If no invoice has been issued, there will be no record of the transaction also. So, people who sell and buy know its importance and never feel secure if they don’t use the invoice.

The request letter reminds the seller of its issuance. If the buyer has any concerns regarding the invoice, this letter is a perfect place to address them.

What are the benefits of the bill request letter?

There are plenty of benefits for the person who writes this letter. Some of them are listed below:

It helps people clear their finances:

The bill issued in time enables people to pay as early as possible. This way, they easily get away with the payment of the hefty amount of fine on the late payment.

The money does not add up:

When bills are not paid on time, the amount to be paid one month adds up to the total bill for the next month and this way, the amount to be paid by the customer rises to a very high level which is very difficult to pay by the customer oftentimes.

It is a proof of communication:

The customer often writes this letter because he wants to protect himself. This letter serves as proof that there was solid communication between the two parties and that the customer did ask for the issuance of the bill. In case the supplier asks for the fine, the customer can use this letter as proof of his willingness to pay.

How to write?

Mention the purpose:

You must mention what the purpose of your letter is. This prepares the reader to understand the rest of the letter quickly. Sometimes, by the time the bill reaches the customer, he has already spent the money.

Make a request:

Come straight to the point without giving unnecessary information and ask the supplier or seller to send the invoice. Mention that you are asking for a month’s invoice. Tell the reader that you are requesting it because the reader has not sent it. This will tell the supplier why you are writing the request letter.

Ask for a quick response:

In the end, ask the recipient to respond to this letter as soon as possible. When you ask for a response, you want the supplier to provide the invoice for the entire month.

The template of the letter of request is written below:

Sample letter:

Subject: Request for monthly invoice

Dear Sir,

It has been observed that you have not issued any invoices as of yet against the purchases that we have made from your store in the last month. You are being requested to issue the invoices of all the products that have been purchased from your store as soon as possible.

The earliest response from your side will be appreciated in this regard


Monthly invoice request letter

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