Email for Pending Salary after Layoff

Companies often lay off their workers when they see that employees are not working as per the requirements of the organization. The employees are laid off according to the employment contract so that no one can object to the company’s decision. Usually, people are not paid as soon as their job is terminated. The employee can write a request letter to their former employer and ask for the pending salary.

What is an email for pending pay?

This is an electronic mail written by an employee to his former boss to request the unsettled salary. The purpose of this email is to remind the manager to pay the salary to the person who has been laid off and no longer serves the company. Organizations, by and large, release their funds on some specific dates every month. If laying off the worker is sudden, the employee can be asked to wait.

When to write?

When a person is sacked because the company is downscaling, the company owes money to the employer. The employer who cannot pay the worker immediately promises to pay on a specific date. When he does not pay, the email to request the pending salary is drafted.

In case the company is downscaling, it might not have enough funds to pay the remuneration immediately. So, puts the employee on hold. When the waiting period is over, the employee can apply for the release of pending remuneration.

If the sacking of the employee is disputed and the company is yet to decide whether the salary should be released or not, it must have asked the worker to hold on.  The employee can send the email and remind the boss.

Tips for writing the email:

Here are a few points that you must keep in mind when you write the email to your former employer:

Don’t use a rude tone:

It is natural to feel angry when you have been sacked from your job suddenly even if it was you in the error. You should not use a rude tone in the email to express your anger. It is better to remain polite and calm while you write the email. You should know that you are going to need your boss in the future for reference or recommendation. So, it is never recommended to sound brash.

Ask for the release of pending remuneration:

You should never forget at any point of the email that you are writing to request the release of the salary which lies within your rights. Clearly state in the electronic message that the employer was supposed to pay the salary but did not pay due to some reasons and now you are compelled to apply for it.

Give a reason for your layoff:

If you assume that the former boss would have forgotten to pay you the due salary, you can state the reason for the sacking also. Recalling the reason is better for a quick response.

Don’t let it drag on:

You might want to say a lot of things in the electronic message, writing a long email is never recommended. Keep it short so that the employer can read and understand it well.

Read the sample electronic mail given below:

Sample email:


Subject: Request for pending salary after a layoff on [DATE]

Respected sir,

My name is Mr. ABC. I have worked in the sales department of the company for one year. Two months ago, I was laid off from the company due to a downgrading of the company. I was told that I would get my salary by the end of that month but I was laid off.

I am writing this email to request you kindly pay me my pending salary. I am already going through a serious financial crisis due to a sudden decision of the company to terminate my job.

 It is my humble request to you to kindly release my salary on my account details which are already present in the record of the company. Details of my job as well the layoff have been attached with this email. I am looking forward to your kind response.

Email for Pending Salary after Layoff

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