Goods Unsatisfactory Quality Complaint Letter

It is a common practice for a company to receive products from suppliers. Every organization has its procedure to deal with the suppliers and the quality of the product they demand also varies from company to company.  Sometimes, the company receives products that are not up to the expectations of the company. This can lead to lots of problems and therefore, the company immediately informs the vendor about the bad quality. Some companies inform the vendor about the poor quality by writing a complaint letter.

What is a good unsatisfactory quality complaint letter?

If the products you have received are of substandard quality and you want to object to this quality, you can write a letter to show grievance. People mainly write complaint letters because they want vendors to know that the poor quality has been identified and it is not acceptable at any cost.

What is the purpose?

Some vendors try to play the trick on their customers and try to sell products that don’t have good quality. When they receive the letter of objection, it becomes clear that you can identify and make a distinction between two same products with the difference in the quality. In addition, the seller also comes to know that sending poor quality products will never work as they will have to replace them anyway.

What components should be included?

It is essential to write a letter of grievance with the right type of content and quality. Read the important points given below:

Discuss the quality:

The word ‘’poor quality’’ is subjective and you may not be able to explain what you are trying to imply when you are referring to the bad quality of merchandise you have received. Clearly state what you did not like about the products and what has made you decide that the actual issue is with the quality.

o emphasize more on your point more, tell the reader that the merchandise has been tested and inspected by the quality assurance team. This will add more weight to your claim.

Tell me what you want:

Mention it in the letter that you want the products to be returned so that the reader can replace them with new and better items. This will give a clear message to the supplier that he will have to replace the products if they don’t meet the quality standards.

Mention repercussions for repetition:

Since you don’t want to receive such kind of products again, tell the reader that you have a strict policy to not entertain such items in future. Also, describe what you can do if the same thing happens again.

Sample complaint letter:


Name of the supplier:

Name of the supplier’s company.

Subject: Goods unsatisfactory complaint about [XYZ]

Dear Mr. ABC,

This letter is being written to you to complain about the poor quality of the products received by the company lately. The products that you delivered to the company last week have been thoroughly inspected by the quality assurance department. The inspection has been carried out by our senior analysts who are experts and licensed.

I would like to mention here regretfully that the products you have delivered to us have not met the quality standards. Due to this, our quality assurance officers have rejected the products. Based on the results obtained from the quality assurance department, the company has decided to return the products to you.

In addition, we request you to send us high-quality products that easily meet the specifications and demands of our company. We hope that you will replace all the substandard items with high-quality items as this will be a clear demonstration of honesty and integrity that everyone is supposed to show in the business world.

I hope that you will take strict actions against those who are responsible for this and bring shame to the name of your company. Furthermore, please send us the required products as directed in a desirable quality so that we don’t have to face the inconvenience any further. We are expecting a quick response from your side.

Goods Unsatisfactory Quality Complaint Letter

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