Warning Letter for Excessive Leaves


Warning letter for excessive leaves is issued to the individuals who remain absent from their duties without informing prior to leaving, the individuals who have a poor record of attendance are warned with this letter. The purpose of excessive leave warning letter is to warn the employees for seriousness, to let them know that they are failing to meet the acceptable attendance standards of the organization and in the result, they have to face serious circumstances. Further, the employees are told that if still, they don’t take it seriously then additional disciplinary action would be taken by the company as the attendance of a person is an essential element in the relationship of an employee and the position of the job.

The excessive absenteeism warning letter without informing earlier has several things mentioned in it including the reason why it is issued. It is issued to notify the employee that he/she will be dismissed from the job position if he/she don’t stop remaining absent from the office. Prior to the employee is issued the letter, he/she is made alerted for the same issue. The employee is also warned that the absenteeism will be mentioned in his/her company’s personnel file.

If the matter is not taken seriously, then the individual is terminated after thirty days without any warning as this letter is the last chance for the employee to save his/her job.

The ready made format of the excessive leave warning letter is available on our website which everyone can use.


excessive leave warning letter



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