Tender Submission Covering Letter

We submit tenders to those organizations that are in search of contractors or service providers. The tenders submitted by contractors let them know how much they are ready to charge and under what conditions they are willing to work.

Tender submission is a crucial process everyone has to go through to whoever wants to be in a new business agreement. These days, in addition to working on tenders, contractors are putting effort into writing covering letters also.

What is a tender submission cover letter?

It is a basic introductory letter that acts as a cover letter. The purpose of this letter is to give the introductory details regarding the bid document the contractor is going to submit.

Importance of the covering letter for tender submission:

Cover letters are not mandatory to write and no one asks you to write one while you are about to submit your bid. However, when a person writes the cover letter, it implies that he shows good manners and makes it easy for the companies to read their tenders.

Tender documents are generally very long as they contain a lot of information. Just as a person trying to buy a book cannot read a complete book and judge it by its cover, a bid document is also judged by the content provided in the cover letter. The use of the covering letter is an indication that the contractor values the time of the tender recipient and gives his best in an attempt to make his tender more readable and easy to understand.

What are some important components of the tender cover letter?

Some organizations cannot give individual attention to each and every bid document. Therefore, they completely rely on the cover letter. If they find anything worthy of their attention, they consider reading the entire tender document. So, it is important to be careful as to what you are including in this letter. Below are some major components of this letter:

Introductory information:

Every cover letter possesses an introductory part that gives the introduction of the bid document. After this section, the reader should be able to understand everything about the bid document you have submitted. Make sure that you give preference to the tender you are targeting.

Enlist the main elements of the document:

Since you are trying to cover the entire bid document in this one-page cover letter, make a list of main headings that you have included in your tender submission. This will make the reader know what you have focused on in your cover letter.

Give details of attachments:

Further, brief the reader about what you have attached with the letter and what was your purpose behind it. If you have attached the copy of the contract, inform him that you are optimistic that your bid will get approval, and therefore, you have attached the contract you are ready to sign. Also mention that it will be totally fine for you if your letter does not get the desired outcomes.

To write a compelling covering letter, there is a sample letter given below.

Sample letter:

Ref No. ___________


Name of the organization:

Subject: Covering letter for tender submission

Dear Sir/Madam,

It is to notify you that we are submitting the document comprising our bid of the tender that you advertised on behalf of your organization. The tender number we are targeting is 23532.

Our tender document includes the following information:

  1. Notice soliciting tenders
  2. Bid of price
  3. Clauses of the agreement
  4. Letter of undertaking
  5. Bank guarantee
  6. Agreement

We acknowledge the fact that your organization holds all the right to reject our bids without giving any solid reason. We also accept that your company is not bound to accept a bid that is too low. We are ready to sign the contract with you in case you show a willingness to accept our bid and work with us. The draft of the contract is also attached to this letter.

We are hopeful that you will consider our bid. We assure you that our staff will show strong commitment towards the work it is committed to doing.

Looking forward to your kind response.

Tender Submission Covering Letter

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