Sample Emails to Reschedule an Event

Email #1

This email intends to bring to your notice that ABC Organization’s annual award ceremony event has been postponed. Initially, it was intended to be held on [mention date] but there has arisen some unforeseen situations. The event is now rescheduled for [mention date]. Our worthy CEO, Mr. Alexander, is off to Australia on [mention date] to attend an international meeting. He cannot make his presence due to this.

I know you all had done your preparations and I am sorry for causing you disruption. If any such thing happens next, then you will be informed a week before. Affixed with the message is rescheduled, planner. You have always stood by us and I believe you will provide us with your extended support in the future too.

Email #2

I am writing this email on behalf of HR to inform you about the cancellation of today’s meeting. I am extremely contrite to brief you on short notice. The revised date of the meeting will be on [mention date]. Please be clear that only the date has been rescheduled. All the agendas that needed to be discussed in today’s meeting will now be talked about in the next meeting. This has caused discontinuation in your working schedule and we are sorry for this.

Email #3

You all will be saddened to know that the musical concert that was about to happen on [mention date] has been rescheduled. Mr. Arthur has postponed this concert because of the sudden death of his sister. We are so sorry for his loss. This news has disturbed all the audience and they are sending their sympathies to Mr. Arthur.

He emailed this morning to reschedule the event on [mention date]. You all will be notified off and on about the changes if made. Any query from you will be welcomed. I request all of you to remember Mr. Arthur in your kind prayers.

Email #4

This is to bring to your notice that our meeting with the board of directors has been held off for two weeks. The new meeting date will soon be updated. Mr. Alice is off to Canada due to an emergency in his family. He will be back probably on [mention date] and after resuming office he will inform us about the new date. I seek forgiveness on his behalf to all of you for causing you annoyance. Kindly give us your positive feedback if you are agreed to the suggested meeting date. Thank you for your kind support.

Email #5

This is to inform you that ABC Corporation’s Exhibition has been postponed due to some unavoidable circumstances. The exhibition’s guest of honor is currently unprocurable as he is suffering from a head injury. He cannot travel due to his illness and will be available on [mention date]. The venue and new date have been attached to the message. If further changes are made, then we will let you know through email.

The corporation has also initiated a reimbursement policy and the advance amount will be credited to your accounts soon. ABC Corporation always wants to win its clients’ trust and we are sorry if this alteration has caused inconvenience to you.

Email #6

I am proposing this message to inform you all that our event planned for [mention date] has been carried over. This has been done to avoid an unforeseen situation that was expected to happen on the previous date. We are apologetic for causing you disturbance. Our team is working tirelessly to make this event successful. Soon you will be notified about the rescheduled date. You can share with us your apprehensions related to the event. I thank you for providing us with your incessant assistance.

Email #7

We are sorry to let you know that the wedding date of Michael and Julia has been rescheduled. It was a very tough decision to make as all the preparations were made. The government has currently applied restrictions on a large gathering due to the Monkeypox virus. I humbly apologize to all my friends and family members who were very excited about the wedding. We have started looking for another venue and will let you know all after finalizing things. I believe you will stand by us through this time and will respect our decision.

Email to reschedule an event