Office Relocation Announcement Letter

Announcement letters are usually written to the masses to let them know about a particular decision of a business. When a business relocates its office and working space to a new area, it often creates confusion among its employees. Some people also fear that they might lose their customers if they remained uninformed about the new location of the office. Therefore, they write an announcement letter and let everyone know about the new location of the office.

What is an office relocation announcement letter?

It is a formal letter that is written in such a way that it looks like a perfect announcement letter from a business. The purpose of writing this letter is not just to let people know about the new place where the office has been shifted. Rather, this letter also gives a complete address of the new office.

Although an announcement letter is used to address lots of people at a time, it is not necessarily sent to customers and employees at a time. Some companies have to redraft a letter when they have to send it to their clients as they don’t want to share the same details with the customers or sometimes, they want customers to know about relocation from a different perspective.

What is the purpose of the announcement letter for relocation?

There are multiple reasons why people choose to write an announcement letter. Some of them are the following:

They let people know where to go:

When you write a letter to your staff, you should tell them the new address where they should reach to carry on their routine work. The employee is a critical part of the company who should be informed about the new location of the office by giving as many details as possible.

To share the reason:

As and when people come to know that the company has decided to move to the new office, they become curious and inquisitive. So, the letter provides them with the reason why the older office has been replaced with the newer one. The reason can be personal or it can be related to the employee’s needs and productivity. You can choose to give the reason as briefly as possible.

To apologize:

For some people, moving to a new place every day is a hassle because the new office is often far from their current residence. The company finds the opportunity through this letter to apologize to people for this kind of inconvenience. Some companies also offer their special assistance to those for whom, the new office is not at a suitable point.

To show professionalism:

When companies choose to let people know in advance, they show professionalism. The business gives a message to its employees that they matter a lot and therefore, they are being informed earlier.

Read the sample letter given below to see how to draft a professional-looking letter of the announcement. 

Sample letter:

Subject: [XYZ] Office relocation announcement

Respected staff,

We are pleased to announce that our office of Eagle Consultants is going to be relocated to (mention the new address) on 20th April 20XX. The distance between the new offices from the old office is just 1km. Therefore, we believe that you will not have any problems if you have to travel to the new office from your residence.

We have taken this decision of relocation because we want to provide a more advanced, modern and aesthetically pleasing workplace to our employees. It was an attempt from our company to ensure that workers are working in a place which they find to be peaceful.

We understand that going to a new place might be disruptive for you in the start and therefore, we are ready to provide you with cooperation and assistance so that you can easily get used to going to the new place.

For all those employees who feel that the new office has become far from their residence, we will soon be issuing a new package in which they will be compensated for the increased transport and fuel expenses. In addition, we apologize for causing inconvenience.

Thank you so much for showing cooperation.


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Office Relocation Announcement Letter

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