Office Equipment uses Instructions Letter to Staff

Lots of problems at a workplace arise when people working there are not aware of how they should use the equipment. Due to this, most employers come up with some pertinent policies regarding the use of equipment so that malpractices at the office can be thwarted. Some employers address their concerns by writing a letter in which they communicate basic guidelines.

What is a letter of instructions regarding the use of office tools?

It is a formal letter of information that a supervisor or the employer writes to the employees of the company who have to use the office equipment. In general, the office equipment is expensive and needs a lot of money to get fixed. This letter is considered the best way to address the concerns of the employer who does not want the equipment of the office to be mishandled.

How important it is to write the instruction letter?

Employers who provide high-quality machines to their workers find it critical to communicate the appropriate use of equipment. Not everyone in the company is well-aware of the usage of the equipment. Those who know are often not cognizant of what things they should keep in mind when they are using the office belongings. This letter not only instructs people about the use of workplace belongings but also addresses the policies of the company regarding the use.

Things to remember:

If you are in the need to write this letter, it would be essential to keep the following points in mind:

Describe the purpose of the letter:

Some employees read the entire letter and cannot figure out what this letter is about. So, as soon as you start the letter, make sure that you mention the purpose of writing this letter. After reading the purpose described by you, the employee will pay more attention to those instructions.

Ask someone to write it:

It is quite possible that the employee does not know how a particular tool is supposed to be used because of not having technical knowledge about those tools. In this situation, you can as one of the technical staff members write the instruction to let the staff know how particular equipment should be used.

Describe the consequences of not following the instructions:

It is important to make everyone take your instructions seriously. So, describe what might happen in case staff members fail to understand and act upon the guidelines. Tell the staff members to contact you for a better understanding of the guidelines.

Sample letter:

Subject: Instructions regarding the use of office tools

Respected Staff,

I hope this letter finds all of you in the best health. This letter is being written to inform all the staff members about the policies of the company regarding the use of office equipment. Please read the instructions given below:

  1. No one in the office is allowed to use the office inventory for personal use
  2. Some employees have been seen using office computers for playing games and using social media. As soon as you finish your work in the office, please leave the computer idle
  3. If you have to take the office equipment with  you at home or somewhere else, please return it to the office as soon as you finish using it
  4. If there is any problem with the equipment such as the printer or scanner, please report the issue to the concerned department instead of trying to repair it yourself
  5. If two staff members need the same equipment at the same time, priority will be given based on the nature of the work
  6. The employee will not use any computer software brought from home on the office computer

If you are unable to understand any of the above-mentioned instructions, you can talk to the manager Mr. ABC about them and he will explain you in more detail. In addition, not being able to follow them can lead to serious consequences.

I expect that these guidelines will be followed strictly and the company will not be compelled to reiterate them.

Office Equipment uses Instructions Letter to Staff

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