Monthly Staff Attendance Report Letter

Every organization has a primary role to perform which is based on tracking staff attendance. The tracking of attendance enables an organization to ensure that everyone working in the company is fulfilling their obligations and showing compliance with the regulations of the company.

A company put various measures in place to ensure that they are well-aware of the attendance of their staff. One of those measures is to task someone with the responsibility of writing the monthly staff attendance report letter.

What is a monthly staff attendance report letter?

It is a formal letter in which you have to write a monthly report based on the attendance record of the staff of a company. The purpose of this letter is to report the attendance to the supervisor or the manager of the company.

Things to keep in mind while writing an attendance report letter:

There are a few basic points that you must keep in mind. Some of these are:

  1. The report letter should include the statistics and facts along with figures to explain the attendance of the staff in the complete month.
  2. The letter should not be too long and the ideal length of the letter to be maintained is 2 pages.
  3. Keep your tone professional in the letter.

How to write a report about monthly staff attendance?

Below are some important points to be considered:

Give introduction:

When you start the letter, inform the reader that you are writing a report based on the attendance record of the staff members. Also, mention the name of the month the attendance of which is being reported.

Give detailed information:

It is important to provide details regarding the attendance you are reporting. Specify the percentage of attendance that has been recorded and then give your report about absent and on leave employees in figures.

Explain your finding with figures:

Making a monthly report is not difficult as you have to do it only once a month. So, add figures to it since it will make the report more readable and easy to understand. Furthermore, it will prove that you are a professional person who works with dedication. It is not very hard to get results in figures. You can use various tools to get it done.

Give your analysis:

In the end, you should give your personal analysis or review to show what results you have deduced from the data gathered from the attendance record sheet. Make sure that your analysis is not biased and that they are helpful for the manager.

Some managers calculate the salary of the employees on the basis of the report made at the end of every month. So, make sure that you don’t make any mistake in the report and become the cause of deduction in the salary of someone.

If you have any difficulty writing this reported letter, you can take help from the readymade template letter. For your help, a sample letter of the report has been given below.

Sample letter:

Subject: Monthly attendance report letter to [X]

Respected sir,

This letter is being written to inform you about the attendance for the entire month of February 20XX. Throughout the month, the staff attendance remained 96% on average. However, some employees were found to be absent from work near the weekend. In addition, there had been some tardiness on the part of some employees.

The total number of leaves received in the month is 5. People who were on uninformed leave have been sent a letter with the request to write an explanation letter. In addition, people who have shown habitual absenteeism have been sent a warning letter.

Based on the above report, it can be deduced that workers who don’t show any absenteeism or tardiness deserve to be appreciated and those who are late almost daily should be taken to task.

The thorough record sheet with sign-in and sign-up details of each employee has been mentioned in the record sheet and attached with this letter. If you want to know more about it, contact me on my office phone number or email me.


Monthly Staff Attendance Report Letter

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