Letter of Suspension from Club

A letter of suspension from the club is a formal letter that informs a certain club member that they will not be allowed to enter the club from a certain date to the next. The letter is written to reprimand this member for misbehaving. They may have not followed some club rules and regulations. If this action is not taken, other members can misbehave in this way. This tarnishes the overall reputation of the club.

Therefore, this letter is written to inform the member and other members as well that such action will not be tolerated. The letter needs to be written carefully so that the reader will take you seriously. You need to type it in an application like Microsoft Word and make sure there are no spelling and grammar errors in it.

Make sure you include what the bad behavior was and when it occurred. You need to give the exact details of the incident so that the reader can know where they are wrong. They also have a right to appeal to action in case they think that they have been suspended wrongly. You should provide the details of the rules they have not obeyed as well.

Let the person know when they will be allowed to return to the premises and start participating in the activities of the club. You should give the exact dates here so that no confusion is present on the part of the club member.

What is a letter of suspension from the club?

It is a formal letter that the club sends to a member stating that they have been suspended from the club. Different clubs have different rules and regulations. This help maintains the image of the club. If any member does not follow these, they can likely be suspended.

This is good for the club and its members as well. There needs to be a reason to remove a member of the club. The letter will provide this allowing the person to know why they are at fault.

Writing the letter…

If you want the reader to take the letter of suspension seriously, you should keep in mind the following points when writing this letter:

State what the letter is about:

You will start by telling that the letter is an official notice suspending the reader from the club. You will state how long the suspension is for. Give the dates that the suspension is for and when the person will be allowed to come back to the club.

Give details of misconduct:

Let the reader know on which date exactly and at what time the misconduct occurred. You will explain what the member has done which is not preferred by the club and its rules. You can point out which rule they have not followed which has led to the decision to expel them. You can state how your club only allows a member who behaves and follow the rules to be present.

End by letting the reader know that they can appeal to take action:

Let the reader know that they can appeal to this action if they think you are in the wrong. You can then include “Sincerely” and your name and position in the club. You can even provide a signature.


Subject: Letter of suspension from the club

Dear Mr. ABC,

This letter includes an official notice of your suspension from our club because of your misconduct involving fighting with another club member (give the date here). The dates of your suspension are (tell from when till when the person is suspended). You can come back on (give the date here). This action follows the investigation by (state the name of the person and their position concerning who saw the club member do this).

On (tell when the incident occurred) at around (give the time) you were observed physically fighting with another club member. You slapped him on the face and then started hitting him on his body. You also swore loudly and created havoc in the club.

You have a right to appeal this action.

Letter of Suspension from Club

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Below is another sample letter was written by the club administration to the club member who is being suspended


Subject: Letter of suspension from the club

Dear Mr. ABC,

I am writing this letter to inform you of your official suspension from XYZ club. We have taken this decision because of your behavior of misconduct that happened on (give the date), in our club premises. You were observed arguing rudely with the staff at the club. You did this because they were not allowing you to enter the gym room due to you not having paid the monthly fees.

On the (state the date of the incident) at around (give the time), you were seen arguing loudly with our staff member, namely (give their name). You were in the wrong because you had not paid your full subscription and so are not allowed to enter the gym room. Despite this, you created havoc on the premises. You were swearing recklessly at Mr. (state their name). We do not tolerate this action and therefore have suspended you from the club (tell from when to when they are suspended). You can return to the club on (give the date).

You can take action against us if you think we are accusing you wrongly. We hope that you regret your misbehavior and will behave better in the future.

Letter of Suspension from Club

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