Recommendation Letter for Higher Studies

Students are always asked to submit a letter of reference whenever they try to seek admission to an institute for higher studies. They are usually asked to submit this letter written by their teachers of their previous academic program. 

A letter of recommendation provides a deeper insight into what an applicant is like as a student. It also helps the applicant put his admission application in context. At the higher education level, the admission officer does not know anything about a particular applicant and therefore, he completely relies on the information provided by the reference letter. This helps them see the overall picture of the candidate to determine whether he is the right fit. 

People who want to go for higher studies and have claimed that they have work experience are required to get a reference from their employer. They request the employer to write them one and then the employer writes this letter directly to the institute where the candidate is seeking admission. To enable your boss to write a reference letter for you, you are required to have a good bond with your boss. The admission officer also understands that employers vouch for only those employees who are capable. 

When should you ask for a letter of recommendation from the employer?

Some people wait for things to be clear until they ask someone to write them a reference letter. This is not a wise approach. When you have applied for admission to higher studies, you should start connecting with your teachers and employers so that you collect this document in a defined time. 

What are the tips for writing a letter of suggestion?

The following guidelines can be helpful for any person who is approached by their employees to write them a letter for support:

Don’t write for a new employee:

If a newly hired person asks you for a recommendation letter for someone you don’t know well, you should not write for them. The admission officer will also find your letter dubious when you have written a letter to suggest someone give admission to that person.

Always provide your contact details:

In some cases, the admission office contacts the referee to confirm that the candidate has no experience in the specific area of study. So, provide your contact details. 

Align your letter with academics:

For some people, it is strange to write to someone to help them get admission to a higher degree program when they know them only in the environment of work. This gets a little tricky but following smarter tactics, it is very easy to write. Describe the skill and capabilities you have seen in the candidate that makes you believe that he will be a right fit for admission.

For instance, you can vouch for the employee to have great analytical skills which might help him secure admission to an institute for higher studies. 

Enlist all the qualities of the candidate relevant to the work:

The admission officer might want to know how well a candidate has performed in the professional world and this is the reason they have asked for the recommendation letter from the employer. So, discuss whether the employee was responsible, dedicated, and capable or not. 

Write a unique letter:

A letter of recommendation has to be unique because every person seeking admission is unique and has different qualities. The university reads so many letters of recommendation and therefore, they can easily find out if the letter has been copied and has not been written with much consideration.

So, try to write this letter yourself. Even if you have to copy it from an online source, make sure that you edit it thoroughly so that it does not look like any other letter of reference. 

Proofread it well:

Your letter should not contain any errors or mistakes because it will be proof that you have written this letter carelessly and you don’t take the candidate and his needs seriously. You should proofread the letter well so if there is any spelling or grammatical mistake, it will be pointed out. 

Sample Letters


Re. Recommendation Letter for Higher Studies

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am [name of the person], [mention the designation], from [name of the organization]. I am writing this letter to recommend Ms. [Name of the person] to pursue higher studies at your university as a full-time student. [Name] has been working in my organization for more than [x] years and recently, she found out that she wants to pursue a degree in [mention the name of the program] to upskill herself by studying, researching, and exploring more.

During her work period at [name of the organization], she proved herself to be a very hardworking, proactive, dedicated, and positive employee who would be able to undertake any task assigned to her and complete it within the given deadline by achieving desired results. She is a very active and productive person who used to be very much involved in her projects and would love to manage as an associate. In my opinion, she has been one of the best employees our company ever had.

She is a very balanced person who loves her work as much as she loves keeping good care of everyone around her. She is a very friendly and positive person who would help others in their projects and act like glue in a team. She is a great team player with exceptional skills in management, coordination, and research.

I believe she would prove to be an asset to your university. I assure you that she will take a keen interest in her studies as she wants to pursue it totally out of her interest. Therefore, I request you to consider her application and let her get admission into your prestigious institution.

If you need some further information, I am available at [email address]. You can also call me at [phone number] during office hours. Thank you for reviewing my recommendation.

Best Regards,

[Company name]



(Name of Company)


To Whom It May Concern

I (state your name) from (state where you work and your designation) recommend (name of applicant) for taking admission to your university. (Name of applicant) has worked in this company for (tell years). She/he has remained hardworking and honest in all his/her duties. She/he has managed to complete all responsibilities and can work well in a team. I am pleased that (name of applicant) has decided to continue studies. If you wish to know more about (name of applicant), you can contact me at (give contact details).


(Name of sender)

Letter of Recommendation from Employer for Higher Studies