Tender Award Acceptance Confirmation Letter

When you want to work on a project, you can take part in the bidding process. Sometimes, the project is too attractive and the bidding process becomes competitive where so many people are targeting a specific project and want to earn the tender. 

Whenever a company initiates a project and wants to outsource it, it solicits proposals from different contractors who want to work on that project. Different people and companies submit the bid and then the company chooses the most appropriate and fit bid and then awards the tender to that selected contractor. The tender award is the outcome of this whole process. 

The person who receives this award is also required to write a letter back to the company that has selected him. 

What is a letter to confirm acceptance of a tender award?

It is a letter that a person who accepts the tender award writes to the company that has awarded the tender to him. This letter usually has two purposes:

  1. to confirm that the tender award has been received by the targeted person 
  2. To enable the recipient to know that you are accepting the award and now, you are getting ready to work with them on the project. 

Why is it important to write a letter to confirm the acceptance?

Those who award the tender to a specific party want to know if the tender has been received or accepted or not. They also request a letter of acceptance when they award the tender. When they don’t receive this acceptance letter, they are likely to award that tender to another party which was the most appropriate one after the previous party.

So, if you don’t write the acceptance letter in time, you may lose the tender award. Therefore, make sure that you accept the award and write this letter as soon as possible after you have come to know that you have been chosen. 

How to write a letter of acceptance for a tender award?

When you start writing this letter, you should remember that it is a privilege to have been accepted as a future contractor and the reader should be informed in a clear way that their tender award has been accepted and they should be ready to start a business relationship with you.

If you can write a professional-looking letter, the reader realizes that you have a professional approach towards working, and therefore, it will be beneficial for them to choose you as a bidder for the project they are concerned about. Read the steps given below to learn how to write a letter of acceptance and show your willingness to work with the client: 

Start by expressing gratitude:

At the very start of the letter, say thanks to the reader for choosing your bid and awarding you with the tender. Mention the name of the company for confirmation. Write that you have accepted the award and you are very pleased to have been chosen. 

Show your commitment to the client:

Let the reader know that you are feeling highly committed to making the project successful and meeting the expectations of the client. 

Discuss understanding of terms and conditions:

Confirmation of the tender reward should be done keeping the terms and conditions of the agreement so that you can ensure the reader that you are accepting the tender after you have read the terms and you are committed to acting according to those agreed upon terms. 

Discuss your next move:

After you have accepted the tender, now is the right time to move forward. Discuss your next move such as conducting a meeting with the client or making arrangements to initiate working on the project. If some important factors have not been discussed in the past, you can ask the reader to schedule a meeting with you so that you can discuss those details also with them. 

Say thankful at the closing time:

Saying thank you to the reader once again for choosing your bid among many bids from various contractors while closing the letter shows how you conclude your letter. This is what a reader remembers. 

Sample Letter



(Name of contractor)

Subject: Acceptance of tender award confirmation

Dear Contractor,

We are pleased to inform you that your tender has been accepted on (state date). This has been accepted according to company policy. Following the terms and conditions of the company, you need to submit the performance guarantee of (state amount). The guarantee will remain valid for (tell the number of years). After we receive the performance guarantee, we will start the project work.

Please contact us if you have any queries.


(Name of sender)

(Designation of the sender)

Tender Award Acceptance Confirmation Letter