Letter Denying Acceptance of Salary Structure

Every organization follows are salary structure which is a very commonly followed framework by which a company decides how a particular employee will be paid. The salary structure also tells which grade of salary should be allocated to a particular job position in the company. Some employers also see whether the market is giving the same salary to people for the same type of job responsibilities. 

Salary structure is a very important part of an organization and many people decide to join the company on the basis of the salary structure. 

What is a letter refusing to accept the salary structure?

Any person working in an organization has a right to refuse to accept the salary structure in the company when he knows what he deserves. This is a formal letter that is written to the manager or the owner of the company to let them know that the employee is not going to accept to work on the salary defined by the company. 

When to write the letter to reject the salary proposed?

Employers often bring changes to the company and decide to change the salary structure also which is often not so friendly for workers. When they see that structure and realize that it is not in their favor, they can decide to reject it. This letter is clear to the employer that they will either have to change the proposed salary mechanism or hire someone else who is ready to work at the property pay. 

What is the purpose of writing the refusal letter for the salary being offered?

People write this letter when they want to express their disagreement with the salary that is being proposed to them. This letter also shows that the worker is not satisfied with what he is being compensated with against the services he is providing.

The satisfaction of a subordinate at the workplace is extremely important because if people are not satisfied working in an environment due to any reason, they will not be able to play their part in the progress of the company. Therefore, this letter holds so much importance for an employer. 

What are the main reasons for a refusal letter for the salary? 

Subordinates usually refuse to accept a role in which they are being forced to work because they are dissatisfied. Some of the common reasons that they have are:

  1. They believe that the company has offered them very less salary as compared to the level of responsibilities they have been fulfilling
  2. They have come to know about the market wage rate against the same type of work they are performing in the company
  3. They know that people in the market with the same qualification as theirs are earning way too much them and they should also respect their qualification
  4. They have upskilled themselves and now they feel they are more useful for the organization that hires them and therefore, they should not accept the low salary. 
  5. They find it hard to make ends meet with the payroll on which they are being asked to work and therefore, they feel that they should reject it. 

What should be the tone of the salary refusal letter?

In the professional world, people have to show courtesy and good behavior even if they are not happy with something. So, if you are letting the boss know that you don’t want to work on the payroll the company has proposed, you should tell this in the letter with courtesy. Also, make sure that you are also giving the rationale behind the refusal in a convincing way so that the boss can understand your point even if he does not agree with you. 

When to write the salary structure refusal letter?

The best time to write this letter is when you have been shown the structure and asked to show approval on it. Some people wait for a long time until they write this letter because they want things to settle down first or sometimes they keep thinking how to do it. It is always advisable to write this letter as soon as you come to know that the salary structure is not in line with your expectations. 

Sample Letter


(Name of recipient)

Dear (Name of recipient),

I (state your name) am writing to you in connection to the meeting that was held on (state date) with (name of individual) from your Human Resources department. I was told my new salary structure. I am sorry to inform you that I do not prefer this salary for the post I am in. The amount of work needed is much more than the salary package being provided.

I hope we can work something out.

Yours sincerely,

(Name of sender).

Letter Denying Acceptance of Salary Structure