Excuse Letter for not Attending Exam

Students often have to write excuse letters when they miss a class or exam and they know that missing them can put them in trouble. Excusing helps students get away with the situation and they also feel themselves to be in a better position to explain their situation.

What is an excuse letter for not attending an exam?

When a student misses out on an exam due to any reason and he/she knows that this is going to cause them or to face serious consequences, they can write an excuse letter to their teacher or head of department. Writing the excuse letter gives them an opportunity to explain why they did not show up for the exam. If the reason is genuine, their teacher can give them a favor as per the policy of the institute.

Why is an excuse letter for not attending an exam written?

Students often write excuse letters as an apology because they know that their absence must have disturbed the teacher. In most cases, missing out on exams leads to some very serious consequences. When an excuse letter is written, students easily prevent those consequences.

Tips to follow for writing an effective excuse letter?

If you want to write a letter that can have a positive impact on the teacher and he/she can approve your apology, you can follow the tips given below:

Write with a respectful tone:

Since you write this letter to your teacher or the exam department which is a part of the academia, you should always make sure that you remain respectful. For instance, when you address your teacher, use an appropriate and respectful salutation.

Explain the reason for missing the exam:

When you are aware that attending the exam was important for you but you have missed it for some reason, you should always mention that reason. If the reason is genuine and you know that you will be able to make the teacher believe that you had a solid reason to miss the exam, you should always give a reason in brief words.

Make an apology:

After mentioning the reason, apologize for not attending the exam. No matter how genuine the reason you have, it is essential to apologize for causing inconvenience to the teacher. Do it without any ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ to show that you are apologetic and you don’t have any justification.

Make a request:

The request to be made after missing out on the exam depends on the student’s situation. However, most students make a request for a makeup exam. Some students also ask for granting them average grades based on their performance in academics.

Give a thank you statement:

At the end of the letter, you should give a gratitude statement to show courtesy. This thank you statement will help you say thank you to the reader in advance for showing cooperation because you have seen it coming.

Here is an example excuse letter that you can read and get insight into writing a perfect and professional letter:

Sample letter:

Respected sir,

I am [mention your name] from [mention your grade name]. I am writing this letter to apologize for not attending my exam of Physics. I severely fell ill suddenly and due to this, I was unable to come to take my exam. I needed the immediate attention of the doctor. Enclosed are my medical certificate and a note from the doctor that confirms my illness on the exam day.

I am aware of the fact that students are supposed to take their exams at any cost and my absence can have serious repercussions on my academic career. But I hope that after knowing my reason for my absence, you will cooperate with me.

I once again apologize to you for not attending my exam and causing you inconvenience. It is my humble exam to please let me take the makeup exam.

Thank you so much for showing cooperation and support. I assure you that I will try to keep up with the course content and will never miss any exams in the future as now I am perfectly fit and healthy.


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Excuse Letter for not Attending Exam

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