Employment Certificate Templates

A certificate of employment refers to the official document provided by the employer as proof of the employment status of an employee. It is provided upon request from the employee and can be used for several purposes. A certificate of employment is used as a fact that the employee has been working under a supervisor for a definite period.

Certificates of employment are required for different reasons which may include,

  • While applying for a new job,
  • Filing for a bank loan
  • Buying any property, car, etc.
  • Visa application

Employment certificate includes information about the employee and the services they provided to their previous employers. These certificates are mostly issued after the employee has completed his designated tenure at any place of work and is now moving on to the next one.

A certificate of employment is a legal document and every employee is entitled to receive it upon request because it is required for many endeavors in a person’s life. These employment certificates can be used for securing a good job based on the skillset mentioned on it. It also helps in getting a loan because it provides proof that the employee is eligible to pay it back.

Contents of employment certificates are based on the company’s policies and how things work. It varies from one company to another and also depends on the job description of an employee.

What should be written on the certificate?

Wonder what to include in an employment certificate? take help from the following note:

  • Personal information: certificates provide basic information about the employee which may include name, picture, department of service, supervisor, and job description to help other people know about the employee in professional terms.
  • Company’s information: name, address, logo, and contact details of the company are mentioned on the certificate to verify the information.
  • Time period: complete tenure of employment along with dates is mentioned on the certificate.
  • Contributions: list of all the projects and contributions undertaken by the employee is mentioned along with the skill set to complete the profile of the employee.
  • Signature: signatures of employee ad higher management are present on the bottom of the certificate to make things official.

Why these certificates are considered important? we summarize it as follows:

  • Employers have a record of employee skills, projects, and all other contributions.
  • Employees have a good chance of securing a good job based on reviews of previous employment.
  • It is proof of providing services to an employer for a specific time period.
  • A list of all the achievements and awards mentioned on the certificate can be added to the resume.

Sample certificate

The format of the certificate varies from one company to another but their general idea remains unchanged. The format of the certificate is usually kept simple and concise to deliver the required information and avoid the mention of useless information.

The following format is generally used as a certificate of employment.

Certificate of employment



To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that [COMPLETE NAME] has been serving with us for [X-period]. Mr./Mrs. [NAME] main responsibilities is/were to supervise the [X} and handle [XYZ] projects.

During his/her period of employment, we have found him/her very professional and dedicated towards his responsibilities. His/her annual income is/was $[AMOUNT].

This certificate is proof of employment for [XYZ} in the company [ABC] and does not serve as any legal statement or act of evidence against [XYZ].


It is to certify that Mr./Ms./Mrs. _______ has successfully completed his employment tenure from __/__/__ (start date) to __/__/__ ( end date) under the supervision of ____________ ( supervisor name) in __________ (name of department). He was a remarkable employee with amazing skills and a grasp of various aspects of projects.


Signature of Supervisor


Signature of Director

Employment certificate template

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Employment certificate template

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Employment certificate template

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