Employee Record Change Form

Employees are an important part of a company as they help in making it run effectively and profitably. A company needs to keep a proper record of all employees so that no issues arise. There are many issues that employees can raise therefore a company needs to have a proper mechanism for keeping employee records.

An employee record form may state these details clearly. In case some details about the employees change, it is important that these immediately get updated. This is where an employee record change form comes in.

What is an employee record change form?

This is a document that is employed when certain details about the employee change. This may include the change in their salary, promotion, transfer, termination, etc. The form may even include details about whether the contact information of the employee has changed.

Employee Record Change Form

What does an employee record change form do?

The form helps an employer record any changes in the status of the employee. There are often movements and changes that occur in an organization and these need to be recorded. Some employees may get promoted whilst others may be demoted. The form can be used to record this information.

How can I create an employee record change form?

The form is a professional one that may be used in legal proceedings therefore it should be made carefully by including all the important information. You can consider the below steps when making it:

Heading and format of form:

The form should have a clear heading at the top. It can be “Employee Record Change Form” for instance. You can include the logo and name of your company on the form as well. There is no need to include too many images, colors, and details on the form. Only the relevant information should be stated so that the form is easy to fill in and even consult by those who need to do this.

Details to include:

The form should have clear areas that state the different details. The first part can be the profile of the employee where the first and last name of the employee will be given. Their job title and department can be stated here as well. The employee ID can be given. If applicable, the name of the employee’s supervisor can be given.

 The number of years of experience and their current salary can be stated. The next section can be for employment changes, the new position and department of the employee, and their new salary as well. The reason for the change can be stated as well. This may be due to promotion, change in salary, transfer, demotion, termination, etc. If the form includes changes in the contact details of the employee, these should be given.


The form can include an area where the approval signature of the concerned authority can be given. This makes the form valid. An area for the date also needs to be present.

Importance of an employee record change form:

This form is important as it informs the employer and employee of a change that has occurred in the employee’s status. The form states the change clearly so that it can be kept in the records of the employee. Employees can create issues for a company when a change in their status occurs especially when it is a demotion.

 Issues can arise where the employee claims that they were not paid the right salary for instance. On this form, the salary of the employee is stated so it can be known whether the employee is lying or not. If the issue goes to court, this form can be consulted. The form helps the company and its management know the status of different employees such as their position, pay, etc.

Therefore the form is important for both an employer and employee. The employer will know what position different employees are on and what their pay is whilst an employee can know their new status in the company and how much they will get paid. It is important to make the form carefully and include all details on it so that if it is taken to court, it will be seen as being a valid form.