Employee Expense Reimbursement Letter

What is an employee expense reimbursement letter? 

It is a formal letter that a person working in a particular company writes to his/her employee and requests the payment of the money that he or she has paid out-out-pocket.  

When to write? 

There are some specific situations in which the employee is entitled to receive the payment back. For instance, whenever a worker pays the money to achieve some goals that are related to the company, he can ask for a reimbursement. The goals of the company that are being fulfilled by making payments should be meaningful.

It is important to note that the purpose for which the expenses were made is very important. If an employee fails to prove that he has a logical reason behind this payment, he will not be able to receive the money-back 

Most of the time, the expenses that are requested to be reimbursed are travel-related. However, it is not always the case. Sometimes, people have to write this letter when they pay for any office-related work that needs money to be paid urgently. 

Writing the letter: 

People who are compelled to write a letter should keep lots of factors in mind. Some of them are: 

The policy of the company: 

Every company has a different policy regarding the reimbursement of the cost incurred by the employee. Some companies allow the employee to pay first and then ask for compensation. While some don’t allow them and require the worker to make a formal request for the payment instead of paying from his pocket. 

Follow the right procedure: 

Companies that want workers to apply for reimbursement after incurring the cost often ask their employees to come up with a log of the details. In this log, the employee keeps a record of each and every expense. This will help him remain accurate when the time of applying for compensation arrives.

This way, the manager responsible for compensation also gets some verifiable evidence to ensure that whatever the employee is claiming is true  

All the facts should be verifiable: 

It has been told earlier that the employee needs to prove that whatever he is claiming is true and based on factual information. Therefore, he should not claim money on grounds of something that he cannot prove later.

Some workers also lie when it comes to claiming money. They do it because they want to get more than what they have spent. This seems to be very attractive. However, it is not easy to be dishonest and then get away with it. The employee often finds discrepancies in the information and then, the employee loses his credibility. Even if the employee is being truthful but he cannot prove it, his letter will have no value. 

The employee should describe the expenses: 

This part of the letter tells the reader where the employee has spent and whether that area was under him. For instance, the employee working in the IT department cannot claim the money he has spent on traveling for buying products from the warehouse when it was not his job in the first place.  

Sample letter: 

Subject: Reimbursement of expenses for [X]

Respected Sir,  

I am writing this letter to bring this to your notice that I am (mention your name), working in the IT department of the company. 

This letter is being written to you against claim number 1XY4 for the expenses of buying some computer accessories to tune all the computer systems working in the offices. The amount that the company is required to reimburse is (mention the amount). The date on which expenses were made was 14th March 20XX.  

Regarding the above-mentioned expenses, I am hereby requesting you to reimburse the amount that is being claimed by me. I am attaching the receipts of all the expenses. I would like you to credit all the proceedings to the account details of which are given below: 

Account number: __________________ 

Bank name: __________________ 

Account holder: __________________ 

Thanking you.

Employee Expense Reimbursement Letter

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