Cover Letter for Quotation to Client

It is a common practice for sellers to prepare a quotation for their client when their client wants to know the price of the items they want to purchase. Clients generally ask a number of sellers to write a quotation and then after careful evaluation, they choose one of the sellers to make the purchase.

The cover letter is the main part of the quotation that gives a brief introduction to the quotation document. It is not a mandatory document as many sellers send their bids without a cover letter. However, those who use this document always manage to impress their clients as the cover letter helps the clients a lot in understanding the bid in a better way.

Many times, sellers fail to win over the client because their cover letter is not good enough even if they have mentioned a good quotation. Follow the tips given below:

  1. Know the content of the letter when you write it because you cannot afford to miss anything important.
  2.  Briefly describe what the client can expect to read in the bid so that the length of the letter does not exceed one page.
  3. Don’t forget to mention the items you are going to write the quotation about.
  4. Mention the terms and conditions of buying products from you and how much time you take to send the products to your prospective clients.

Sample cover letter for quotation:

Subject: Cover letter for quotation

Respected Mr. ABC,

With reference to the discussion that we had last week regarding the supply of furniture to your office, I am hereby submitting a quotation for the supply of furniture articles including 3 chairs, one table, and one sofa set.

I believe that this quotation will be in line with the total cost, delivery type, and other things that you have expected.

To be clearer and comprehensive, I am hereby providing a list of articles with the specifications of each article below:

Specification 1: __________________

Specification 2: __________________

Specification 3: __________________

We know that you would like to proceed with the processing of your furniture order with us once you have thoroughly checked the quotation that we have submitted. 

You are required to complete the order along with its payment within 30 days after you received the price quotation from us. We will try to deliver you the product at our earliest convenience.

We would like to request you to act upon the price as and when you place the order since there is a fluctuation in the prices. The quotation we have submitted is for the next 35 business days. If you want to place an order after that, you will be required to request the quotation again. We would like to request you to place the order as soon as possible as our product run out of stock very quickly.

Cover letter for quotation to client

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Another sample quotation cover letter written by a seller to a prospective client has been given below:

Sample cover letter for bid:

Subject: Cover letter for bid

Respected Mr. ABC,

Regarding the meeting that we had with each other last month, I am submitting a bid for the supply of stationery products to your office. The list of products that we intend to send you includes the following items:

  1. ____________
  2. ____________
  3. ____________
  4. ____________

We are sure that the bid information we have provided will be able to fulfill your all information needs. If you quickly respond to our quotation, you will be able to procure all the products quickly. Following are some important points to remember:

  1. You can pay us within a week after you have received the products
  2. The exchange policy works only if the product is faulty or is not in line with the order that you have placed

We hope that you will be happy buying products from us. We will be very much pleased to serve you.

Cover letter for quotation to client

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Cover Letter for Quotation to Client
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