Business Letterhead Templates for Word

A business letterhead is a sheet with a heading containing all the essential information about that particular business. Letterheads are used in all the official documents related to the business such as memos, receipts, invoices, letters, and notices. A letterhead consists of business Logo, Name and contact information. Every company has its own unique letterhead and it differentiates it from other businesses.

Benefits of Business Letterhead

Some of the benefits of using business letterhead are as follows:

Provides Basic Information

When a letterhead is used, it provides the basic company information to its clients at just one glance. Moreover, it looks more attractive, proper and official.

Official Documentation

A letterhead is preferably used in all business communications because it is considered as the official means of making contact with other agencies and businesses.


A well-prepared letterhead makes a positive impact and radiates professionalism. It is seen as a mark of excellence and service.


A professionally made letterhead can itself serve as a company’s marketing tool. Potential clients can see the information and get in contact with the business firm with ease. This, in turn, produces more sales.

Things to Consider while Creating a Business Letterhead

For creating a letterhead for a business, the following things must be considered:


Designing of the letterhead for a business should be kept simple and clean because its main purpose is to convey information. The main focus should be the logo, as it defines the nature of the business. It must give a sense of seriousness. The information placement can be in the center OR aligned to the left or right side.

  • The letterhead design should not be too busy.
  • It should be made in a readable and clear font.
  • The text should be sharp.
  • A margin should be left on the outer edges of the letterhead to make it look neat and professional.


A proper informational hierarchy must be followed while preparing the letterhead; making sure that all the key elements are available and evident to the reader.


Name of the Business along with its Nature

Tagline (optional)

Business Registration Number

Business Address

Contact information



The layout of the business letterhead must be eye-catching and the business logo should be the most attractive part of the design. It must be in a larger font than the rest of the text. For other information, such as name and contact, a font size of 10-12 points should be used. The size of the letterhead must be proportionate. At least 300 dpi resolution is required for the letterhead. Usually, a plain white or cream color standard business paper is used, to avoid any distraction from the main message.

The type and quality of the paper must also be considered. A flimsy and rough paper does not look professional. If a design or a picture needs to be added in the background, it should not be too bright or colorful, otherwise, it will distract from the text written on the sheet.  

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