Back Pay Letter to Employer


I am penning this letter to formally request you to clear my back pay for the time period of 4 months from __/__/__ (starting date) to __/__/__ (end-date).

I reviewed my pay slips and other salary documents of previous months and I noticed a discrepancy that cannot be overlooked. This may have occurred due to a glitch in the finance system of the company but I have been devoid of my bonuses for a very long period of time. These bonuses could have been very useful if they had been issued in time.

After noticing this error, I immediately decided to draw your attention to this matter. I request you to kindly look into this and solve it at your earliest. I have attached my account details and other important documents with the following letter but if you or your team require further data, I would be happy to help.

I hope this error is taken care of immediately because it would add a lot to my declining financial condition these days. If errors are detected in the system, kindly pay my owed wages without any further delay. Thank you for understanding.


I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing this note to officially request you to issue the payment of my back wages for a time period of six months starting from __/__/__ (starting date) to __/__/__ (ending date). I believe that you will take this request seriously and take prompt action.

I have been a loyal employee of this company for the last four years. My hard work has been appreciated by colleagues as well as clients. Although I started my career at a junior level my work speaks for my dedication and enthusiasm for my employment. I was qualified and experienced enough to get promoted to the rank of manager during the conference about six months ago.

I was assured by higher administration that I successfully achieved this status because of my sincerity in my work but I was not awarded with promotion because of office politics and was handed over to another colleague. Due to this discrimination, I believe the company owes me the outstanding wages that I would have received as a manager. I urge the administration to consider this issue a priority and clear my outstanding bills.

It will be a good step for employers against bias and office politics. Although, in addition to an increase in salary, promotion means bigger projects and more experience I have made my peace with that. I hope that the administration will consider my request and take quick action.


I hope you are enjoying good health. I am writing this letter to draw your attention to my wrongful termination on __/__/__. I was a hard-working employee of your company for six years but after all the service, I was awarded with termination with baseless allegations.

I started my career as an assistant and gave six years of amazing service. I was acknowledged, numerous times, by the administration and was also awarded accordingly. I was wrongly terminated because I declined to take part in office politics.

My termination was unexpected but it cannot be justified with any back story or work therefore, false allegations were fabricated to make my termination cover story. To date, I have been unable to find any single issue that may caused this chain of allegations and false claims. Therefore, I request you to kindly pay me my hard-earned back wages for this period of termination or provide me with proof of my wrongdoings. I am sure that you will look into this matter and take prompt action to solve it.

I have attached related documents concerning this matter but if you need my assistance any further, I will be available at [TEXT] Although, these back wages will not compensate for the mental and physical torture I endured during this period it would restore my faith in the cooperate system of our country.

I request you take immediate action and punish the brains behind this fabricated story and termination. I do not wish to reinstate my job because I cannot put my mental health online again therefore, I am issuing my back pay. Thank you in anticipation.


Dear Mr. Jonathan,

This letter is intended to make a request for the disbursement of my outstanding money from ABC Limited.

I worked in your company as a ‘Sales Manager’ until December 14, 20XX. From the end of my job up until now, the total amount that you owe me is $[X] (which includes gratuity and other payments). You are legally bound to make this payment to me. I expect you to release the money on January 15, 20XX. Otherwise, I may have to seek the support of the law and hire an attorney, for which you would have to bear the expenses along with the additional charges on my due payment as interest.

If you believe the owed money is less than what I have stated, you need to provide me with the reason for the discrepancy and release the amount that you think is due.

I hope for your cooperation. Please send the money to the following address:


Back Pay Letter to Employer

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