Back Pay Letter to Employer

The back pay letter to an employer is a letter written by an employee after he has become an ex-employee. This letter is addressed to the previous employer, in which a request is made for the disbursement of the money the company owes to the ex-employee.

Whether the employee’s contract has ended, he has gotten fired or he has left the job, often, when the job is ended, the company does not make the payment of all the money due to the employee for various reasons. This money may include remaining wage payment, gratuity fund, insurance money, bonuses, etc. After the contract’s end, the employee writes a letter to make a formal request for the payment release. This letter can be beneficial in many ways, such as:

  • It highlights the remaining payment issue to the ex-employer as well as informs him about the amount owed according to the employee.
  • It provides a deadline for the company for conducting the relevant formalities and releasing the payment. 
  • The employee might have shifted after the job, and so he might have a changed address or account number. Through this letter, he can provide that to the ex-employer.
  • It serves as a notification of the consequences as well, as though this letter the ex-employee states that he would be forced to take legal action in case of non-disbursement.

When this letter is written, the details added depends on the individual writing the letter as well as the amount due. However, the general details included are:

  • Date.
  • Details of the ex-employee, including the address or account number for sending the payment.
  • Details of the ex-employer.
  • Request for the due payment.
  • Deadline for the payment release.
  • Consequences of non-disbursement.
  • Ask for the reason for the discrepancy and ask for the payment deemed by the ex-employer as due.
  • Signature and salutation.

The stated deadline should provide ample time to the company for the payment release and the legal action should not be hurried.

Sample Back Pay Letter to Employer




Dear Mr. Johnathan,

This letter is intended to make a request for the disbursement of my outstanding money from ABC Limited.

I worked in your company as ‘Sales Manager’ till 14th December 2019. From the end of my job up till now, the total amount that you owe me is $[X] (which includes gratuity and other payments). You are legally bound to make this payment to me. I expect you to release the money till 15th January 2020. Otherwise, I may have to take the support of law and hire an attorney, for which you would have to bear the expenses along with the additional charges on my due payment as interest.

If you believe the owed money is less than what I have stated, you need to provide me the reason for the discrepancy and release the amount that you think is due.

I hope for your cooperation. Please send the money on the following address:



Emily Scott.

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