Apology Letter Due to Fuel Shortage

These days we have started to depend on fuel so much and if the supply of fuel stops for a day, our all routine activities come to halt. Therefore, businesses, as well as individual persons, face so much inconvenience. When businesses are affected due to the lack of petrol supply, their customers are also affected. So, they write a letter to their customers and clients and let them know about the ongoing problem.

What is an apology letter due to fuel shortage?

It is a business letter in which an individual service provider or a business chooses to express regret for not being able to deliver the services as expected due to the shortage of fuel. People usually know about the repercussions of the shortage of petrol and other products and show cooperation.

However, if they don’t know the underlying cause of the delay in the provision of the services, they often get irritated and express their anger by sending emails to the business. To appease them, the business writes an apology letter.

What to write in the apology letter due to fuel shortage?

If you are someone who is at a loss for words because you don’t know how to explain the prevailing situation, you can read the tips given below to get help:

Start by apologizing:

As soon as you start the letter, you should express the regret you are feeling for not being able to be the best service provider. In addition, also apologize for causing inconvenience to your clients and customers. When you apologize, make sure that you do it unconditionally and that you do not show that you are trying to protect yourself.

Mention the reason:

After you have apologized in a straightforward way, now you can proceed with the reason behind causing inconvenience to your customers. The reason should not be given in too much detail because it will make the letter lengthy apologetic letters are usually one page long and this is the ideal length.

Discuss how you are dealing with the shortage:

You should tell the customers that you are working hard to deal with the lack of petroleum and other products just because you want to make sure that you can continue providing your services as effectively as you used to provide before the shortage of petrol hit your country.

Appreciate the customer:

Since the customers have been showing patience by waiting for the services and products to reach them, they should be appreciated and acknowledged. This also shows that the company or the service provider respects the time of the customer and is thankful for them for waiting and showing interest in buying the products from them.

In the end, you can also ensure the customers that products will be delivered to them as soon as possible. Apologize again at the end to show the deeper regret you are feeling

Here is the sample letter given below:

Sample letter:




Name of the Company

Subject: Apology letter due to fuel shortage

Respected sir,

This letter is being written with deep regret that we could not provide our services on time due to a shortage of fuel. We are aware of the fact that delays in the provision of services for those who are waiting causes so much frustration and inconvenience. Therefore, we apologize for this.

As you know that the country is going through unprecedented circumstances, and the shortage of fuel across the country is beyond everyone’s control. This shortage has affected everyone equally. We are also not receiving supplies for our company.

We value your interest in our business and we respect the way you have shown patience while dealing with us. Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay and give us some more time (2-3 working days) so that we can deliver products to your doorstep at our earlier convenience.

We hope that you will cooperate with us and give us some more time. Thank you so much for waiting. If you have any questions, you can call us on our official numbers between Mondays to Fridays from 9 am to 10 pm.


Sender’s name

Apology Letter Due to Fuel Shortage

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