Warning Letter for Negligence in Work

Negligence in work is never appreciated. Professional environments expect untiring efforts from employees. Businesses run on commitments and in fulfilling those commitments the employees are the important figure. These are the employees who work tirelessly to complete the projects on time and perform the duties honestly.

If an employee shows negligence in work s/he is never tolerated by the management. Negligence in work does not only affect one’s own work performance but also delays the projects to be completed by the team. Organizations usually monitor the performance of employees on the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Written warning or reprimand letters are issued in severe circumstances. The following letter is written as a guide that can be used by a manager or CEO for an employee who shows negligence in work. The same letter can be used in the following cases

  • Warning letter of unprofessional behavior
  • Reprimand letter for negligence in work
  • Warning letter of inadequate performance
  • Warning letter for declining performance in work
  • Warning letter for performance improvement
  • Letter of concern for poor performance


Dear Mr./Ms. [NAME HERE],


We are quite dispirited on your negligence towards your responsibilities to the company. Mr./Ms. [NAME HERE], you were very conscientious, dignified and organized employee of all, but we were unable to surmise that a very delinquent etiquette was shown to you.

We received this information from your supervisor and manager. Mr./Ms. [NAME HERE], are you experiencing any complications at ménage or in vigor any other issue that is disrupting your proficiency towards work? we are told that you are arriving late at the office and often request for a short leave or even get absent without a notification. You are working impetuously and a number of absences we are facing from your side are completely inadvertent.

With due respect Mr./Ms. [NAME HERE], you need to share your predicaments if any or you need to be competent enough to indemnify the loss supervened to the company due to negligent behavior of yours. Please regain the confidence company had in you and be circumspect as you were before.

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Warning letter for negligence in work


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