Staff Back to Work Letter

When the holiday season is on, it is very common for the staff to take a break. In some cases, the staff also takes a leave from work due to unprecedented circumstances such as lockdown due to a pandemic.

Returning to work after a break is good news for everyone. Therefore, employers choose to write a welcome letter to their staff.

What is the staff back to work letter?

It is a formal letter in which the employer or manager of the company writes a welcome letter to the staff. With the help of this letter, the employer manages to give a message to the workers that they are a useful part of the organization and he is glad that his staff members are back to the grind.

How to write this letter?

When you are ready to address the staff returning to the office, you should be in the position to write a formal letter. Here are some tips for you to follow:

Welcome the staff:

At the beginning of the letter, welcome the staff members returning to work. This will show positivity in the letter and readers will feel happy about being welcomed to work. This also energizes the workers who also need some passion and enthusiasm to go to the office.

Discuss the background:

There must be a reason for staff to be on the break and then return to work. Mention that reason and then discuss that. For instance, if the staff is on break because the company was downgrading, describe that you are happy that the company has successfully moved out of the crisis and now you are feeling proud to feel that the staff is back to work.

Give some instructions regarding returning to work:

Now it is clear that the reader is supposed to return to work. So, now you can give some instructions to employees regarding returning to work. These instructions might include the timing of the office, dress code, and things every employee will have to do at the workplace after a long break. This letter is the best opportunity for you to address all your concerns and feelings.

Express gratitude:

Show that you are thankful to the employees for standing with the company when things were going south. Also, express gratitude to all the people who have remained a part of the organization under all circumstances. Showing gratitude prevents things from taking a turn to the worst.

Show your expectations:

In the end, address what you expect from your workers. This part of the letter should tell your expectations clearly so that workers can know how to work and what to do after reaching the workplace after a long break. Inform the workers that you need them to be here with you and their cooperation during this testing time will be appreciated.

To know how you can write a letter to staff who is back to work, read the sample letter mentioned below.

Sample letter:


The Staff Members:

Subject: Back to work


I hope this letter finds all of you in the best health and well-being. I am so glad because staff members of the ABC Company are going to be back in the office after a long break of one month.

Due to some lockdown restrictions, we were forced to cease the operations of the company. However, things are now reverting to normalcy and I am very happy to welcome all of you back to work. I believe that it will be a great experience for all employees to start the work again.

You are required to come back to the office at 9 am sharp. The sign-out time will be 5 pm. We hope that 100% attendance of the staff will be seen on the first working day.

I hope that everyone will return to work with the same passion and energy they used to show earlier. The company needs to regain the potential that it used to have before the lockdown. Therefore, we expect all of you to cooperate with us.

If you need to know anything, feel free to contact me.

Staff Back to Work Letter

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