MS Word Car Show Flyer Template

Car Shows

A car show is now a very common and frequently happening event these days. People usually get a car show flyer in their hands and all the car lovers, adore this event more than anything. The car show is normally held with a gap of 2-4 months, making it happen almost thrice a year.

Online Car Show Flyer

Many websites now offer the facility of ordering flyers through online means. It is faster and cheaper and comes along with the “top up” of letting you design your own flyer, providing you a great range of different themes, ideas, and designs. Car show flyer templates are one of the most searched upon over the internet nowadays.

Purpose of a Car Show Flyer

The purpose of a car show flyer is to give out the message to the public, regarding the car show and the place where it will be held. The people who love car shows and are interested in attending one, easily get to the venue through the help of the flyer. The car show flyer is usually spread in the nearby areas of the location of the event and then they keep on spreading further.

Details to be given on the Flyer

The details that must be mentioned on car show flyers are;

  • All the important context relating to the event
  • Pictures of some cars (the most attractive and loved ones), which will be the in the car show.
  • Make sure that the idea and theme play well around cars, so that car lovers are attracted.

Preview and Details of Template

MS Word Car Show Flyer Template



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Car Wash Flyer


Car Wash Flyer Template

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Car Wash Flyer Template


Car Wash Flyer Template -2

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