MS Excel Cargo Invoice Template

Cargo Invoice

Cargo invoice template is a form that is used to enlist all the shipping information, tracking information and order information for all those items that are being sent as cargo. This invoice template also has room for signatures and bar codes. In many nations that belong to Caribbean region, they have established a Caribbean Common Market for facilitating better commercial dealing between the organizations belonging to those nations. In that case, a special commercial invoice name CARICOM invoice is used while shipping between the member nations and this invoice tells about the details of shipment contents that they are subject to reduced duties.

Cargo invoice is also used for all shipments belonging to air cargo, and this also requires shipping documentation.

About Template

A basic format for cargo invoice template is available for download that can be slightly modified to fulfill your requirements regarding cargo invoice. There are some of the commodities that require special or additional permits, documentation or licenses. These commodities include firearms, live animals, restricted articles and hazardous material.

Some of the important information mentioned on this sample invoice is date, shipped from, ship to, third party freight charges bill to, bill of lading number, carrier name, freight charges conditions, special instructions, customer order information, carrier information and other special note related to liability for loss or damage of shipment.

Details of shipment load are also mentioned in this form. This sample invoice ends with the signatures of the shipper and signatures of the carrier official along with shipment pickup date.


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MS Excel Cargo Invoice Template


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