Cargo Invoice Template

When products are shipped from source to destination, it has a very important document attached to its pack which is known as invoice. This invoice includes information about the product that has been shipped with it. When products are shipped, the customs authorities have to check if the legal product is being shipped. The customs authorities also calculate the tax to be paid by the sender or receiver imposed on the shipment of the product being shipped.

What is a cargo invoice?

When different products are transported from one place to another, they have a document with them that provides the details regarding the product being transported. Usually, a cargo invoice is used when products are shipped from one country to another. It acts as a very useful document for those customs officials who want to categorize products based on their kind as they can see the invoice to confirm the kind.

What is the purpose of the cargo invoice?

Just like any other invoice, the cargo invoice is also used by freight companies to calculate the charges of the shipment. The cost of shipment usually depends on the distance of the destination from the source. Since the invoice also mentions the name of the destination, the shipping company can easily calculate the cost of shipping. 

When a package reaches the doorstep of the buyer, he will have to see what he is receiving. The invoice is checked by the buyer to confirm that the product he has purchased has reached. This way, the invoice also acts as proof of sale.

The seller issues the invoice according to the products it ships. The description of the products is printed on the invoice and then it is shared with the buyer.

The buyer can compare the specifications of the product he has received with the description given on the invoice to determine if there is any discrepancy.

What are the benefits of using a cargo invoice?

A product shipped via cargo will not be considered legal if it does not have an invoice attached to it. Generally, companies never forget to use the invoice because it helps them bill the customers. Here are some of the key benefits of the cargo invoice:

The use of cargo invoices shows compliance:

The cargo company that uses the invoice shows that it remains compliant with international trade rules. According to the rules of international trade, the freight must include an invoice with it. In addition, the tax percentage paid by the seller is also shown on the freight which also indicates compliance.

It helps in easy tracking:

A shipped product package includes an invoice with it on which the details of that product are given. Due to this, tracking the product becomes very easy. For instance, since the invoice also mentions the name and address of the sender and receiver, the product will never be lost and will reach the targeted person sooner or later.

It documents the record:

A business providing the shipping services does not have to maintain the record of the shipped products separately as whenever an invoice is issued, the record is maintained in the database which is a clear sign that the record is being kept which is readily available as and when it is needed.

It gives the payment details:

Since this statement of sale is used to bill the customers, it includes the details regarding the payment. After having a look at this bill, the buyer comes.

What information is documented by the cargo invoice?

The cargo company adds all those details to the bill to help the buyer know how much is required to be paid at the time of the delivery. Some additional details are also given which are:

  1. Name of the vendor or the company selling the product
  2. Address of the vendor or vending company  (source address)
  3. Date of delivery of the cargo from the source
  4. A unique order number
  5. Name and address of the buyer (Destination address)
  6.  Contact details of the seller as well as the buyer
  7. Name of the product and quantity
  8. Total amount to be paid by the buyer at the time of the delivery
Cargo Invoice Template

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