Letter of Termination due to Poor Performance


A letter or termination is sent to the person for non-performance and who is being terminated from his job or duty due to his/her poor performance in the company. These letters are strict and explain the reason for the termination.

An employee that fails to meet the productivity expectations of the company and is bad for a company’s bottom line then a termination letter is issued to him. A termination letter is given with an exit interview and is the proper way to end the unproductive relationship.


Commonly, the employee terminations are handled at a termination meeting and a witness is present there.  After the termination meeting, a termination letter is handed over to the employee or is mailed shortly thereafter.

If you are firing an employee then it is essential to conduct the termination carefully by following all the local laws and internal policies. The termination letter should be clear and simple. It should not contain anything discriminatory, biased or unfair. It should include the basic facts behind the cause. The language used in this type of letter should be courteous and professional. You should never use the insulting, demeaning or derogatory content.


Depending upon the circumstances of the employee’s departure, the contents of a termination letter may vary. However, at a minimum, a termination letter should contain an employee’s identification, name, start date, and number. It should also contain an employee’s department, positions held, final rate of pay and the cause for the employee’s termination.

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Letter of termination due to poor performance


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