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A letterhead is a sheet of paper with heading at the top, and the heading usually contains a name, an address, a logo and corporate design with a background pattern. It is often used to print official letters, and many companies, as well as individuals, prefer to create a letterhead template in a software application. It is a printed stationery required by every business organization. It is printed on A4 size paper and its typical size in the USA is 8.5 x 11 inches, and in the UK, its size is 210 x 297 mm. There are many uses of letterhead, because all official documents, such as appointment letter, termination letter, proposals, meeting invitations, etc., are typed on the letterhead of the company.

How to make a letterhead easily?

Letterhead has great importance, therefore professional designers are usually hired for the designing of letterhead format, but there is a simple solution for this problem. If you can’t afford any professional designer, then you can download this free letterhead template. It will help you to design a professional letterhead for your business correspondence. Its professional layout can easily match with your needs. It is easy to modify, because of its user-friendly format. Click on the given below link, download this template and modify it according to your needs. Letterhead is required in almost every business, even a doctor also requires a letterhead, because it may serve as a promotional tool. You can write your business name, important phone numbers, and addresses at the top of the letterhead.


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Business Letterhead Template Business Letterhead Template Business Letterhead Template









Business Letterhead TemplateBusiness Letterhead TemplateBusiness Letterhead Template