Warning Letter for Dishonesty & Shouting

Organizations are made up of people. These people have different characteristics and habits. In order to maintain a consistent atmosphere at the office, each organization has a set of values. These values include honesty, respect, tolerance, and hard work. However, not everyone is able to follow these values at all times.

Each individual is different and thus cannot be trusted blindly. Dishonesty is a common trait found in many people. Dishonesty includes lying, shirking responsibility, deceiving others, being untruthful or engaging in fraudulent activities. Given the wide interpretation of dishonesty, it can range from small misdemeanors to severe ones. No one likes dishonest people unless they themselves are also dishonest and have negative intents.

Organizations must deal with dishonesty strictly and hold it in check. If employees are aware that their organization does not take strict action, they will naturally take more chances and try to benefit themselves. Thus it is important that organizations make examples by dealing with dishonest people strictly. Dishonesty in any form is harmful to both the person being dishonest himself and for others.

Have you recently had to face dishonesty by an employee at work and wondering what to do? Firstly, you must make the employee aware of his/her dishonest actions being caught. Then you may write a formal warning letter to the employee. Here is what you can write:

1- Warning letter for dishonesty


To: [employee name]

Subject:                Warning letter

On [enter day and date] you were asked to submit the [project name] proposal. Your supervisor checked with you later on in the day if you have submitted the proposal and you answered in the affirmative. However, just now we have received information that you were not honest about your claim and the proposal was never submitted. Now the contract project has been awarded to another organization. This was an important project that we lost due to your dishonest claim.

We at [company name] have little tolerance for dishonest behavior. Consider this a warning letter against dishonest behavior and be careful in the future. Untruthful behavior will lead to strict disciplinary action.


Warning letter for dishonesty


2- Warning letter for shouting in office


To: [employee name]

Subject:                Warning letter for shouting

It has been observed that you frequently shout in office meetings and discussions. We have received several complaints regarding your behavior. Our company values respect and tolerance among employees. Any disagreements and arguments must place in a civilized manner keeping in mind the office decorum.

Please consider this a warning against unprofessional behavior and abstain from shouting at co-workers and subordinates. Failure to improve behavior shall lead to disciplinary action against you.

Warning letter for shouting in office