Warning Letters/Memos for Profanity

Behaviors are directed by social settings. Some behaviors and words may be appropriate in one social setting but inappropriate in another. Organizations prefer professional and formal behavior by their employees. Such behavior includes being mindful of one’s tone, words, and attitude. This helps build a healthy and comfortable environment for everyone at the office.

Profanity is the use of abusive language, swearing, and cursing. It is highly inappropriate in a workplace setting. No matter how liberal and open an environment, profanity is still considered inappropriate. Therefore, organizations discourage the use of abusive language and swearing. No one likes being cursed at, and thus it becomes a personal duty for every individual to abstain from profanity and indecent language.

If someone is using bad language at the office, they must be warned against such behavior. Early warnings work best to avoid any serious conflicts at the workplace. No matter, how serious an argument or a conflict; employees must be communicated boundaries by the management and leadership of an organization. This includes abstaining from foul language, threatening behavior as well as physical assault.

If you are facing trouble with your employees, here are sample warning letters and memos that you may use to communicate with your employees.

1- Warning letter for profanity at the workplace


To [employee name]

Subject: Warning letter for profanity at the workplace

It has been observed that you frequently use curse words and foul language against your co-workers. This is to warn you that such language is not tolerated at [company name]. Employees are at all times expected to respect co-workers and maintain a cordial and comfortable office environment.

Profanity makes others around you uncomfortable. Please refrain from using such uncivilized language in the future, else disciplinary action shall be taken against you.


Warning letter for profanity at the workplace


2- Memo to Employees for Profanity in the workplace


To all staff,

Subject:                Memo – profanity at the workplace

This is to remind all staff that profanity at the workplace is strongly condemned. We at [company name] try to maintain a comfortable and healthy environment for everyone and expect the employees to contribute to it positively. Therefore, it is requested that all employees refrain from profanity and communicate using civilized language.


Memo to Employees for Profanity in the workplace