Letter of Suspension from Work

To correct the behavior of people, punishing them is a common practice. Not everyone is punished since some people tend to learn from their experience while other people have to be punished for their wrongdoing. The punishment in the professional world is regarded as disciplinary action against those people who don’t seem to correct themselves otherwise. One of the most common disciplinary actions is suspending an employee from a job for a specific period.

What is a letter of suspension from work?

A letter of suspension is a major part of a disciplinary action that states that the recipient of the letter is being suspended from the job for a specific period. This letter is written proof that the person being suspended has done something less offensive but deserves to be suspended. This letter gives a clear message to the employee that his non-serious behavior will not be tolerated.

What is the purpose of writing a letter of suspension?

A letter to terminate a worker temporarily from work is written because:

It conveys a message of intolerance:

Some employees don’t take their work and work ethics seriously. To make them understand the importance of working professionally, they are suspended from their job on a temporary basis.

It demonstrates the policies of the company:

Some employers fail to explain the policies of the company and they end up demonstrating it by acting whenever it is required. Some employees also cannot learn unless they are taken to task.

The company prevents the indiscipline:

Companies that need to avoid indiscipline in the company are often compelled to suspend people from work by writing a letter in which the repercussions of repeating the same mistake are also mentioned. This way, the employee is likely to take his job seriously.

How to write the letter of suspension?

Communicate your decision:

As soon as you start the letter, let the employee know about your decision regarding his adjournment from work. Mention the period of the temporary adjournment and also specify the starting and ending dates of the suspension period.

Discuss the reason:

The employee knows why he is being suspended but, you should always mention the reason so that the record can be kept as to what made you take this decision. This will help you justify your action in case you need to do it in the future. The reason can be given briefly and if you want, you can explain the entire situation of misconduct briefly.

Give your comment:

Describe in the letter why you think your decision is important and what impact it is going to have on the employee and the company. You don’t need to criticize the employee or give him any personal remarks that can show your grudge against him. Stay formal.

Describe the entitlements of the employee:

All those privileges that the employee can enjoy even after the suspension can be briefed in this part of the letter. Also, let the employee know if the temporary termination is paid or unpaid. When you can communicate everything useful through this letter, you make the best use of it and in the future, you save yourself from lots of complications.

Sample letter of adjournment form job:

Subject: Letter of suspension for [X]

Dr. Mr. ABC,

The basic objective of this letter is to inform you of my decision to suspend you from your job without salary for 10 working days from (mention date) to (mention the ending date of the suspension period) from the position of sales manager.

You have been found demonstrating gross misconduct at the workplace. Many salespersons and customers have witnessed the incident.

As per the policy of the company, you are being placed under suspension due to the proven charges pressed against you. I believe that it is necessary to terminate you from the job temporarily so that you as well as everyone else working in the company can realize how important it is to maintain discipline and act professionally. Be informed that you will not be entitled to receive a salary for this period.


Letter of Suspension from Work

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