Experience Letter Template for Internship

Experience letter for internship
Ref. No. 110-RK-20XX
To whom it may concern

I, on behalf of the Agricultural Extension Department, State of Michigan hereby certify that Mr. Mark Taylor from the University of Minnesota completed his summer internship in this department from 1st May 20XX to 30th September 20XX successfully. He was allocated a project titled “Enhancement of wheat crop production by using modern cultural practices”. In this project, he worked with our extension officer, Mr. John. This project was aimed to introduce certain innovative cultural practices so as to increase the crop production significantly.

As a part of this project, Mr. Taylor designed various informative posters and pasted the same on different prominent sites of the state. In addition, he conducted an informative session about crop production on FM radio. Similarly, he visited the farming community along with his senior, Mr. John in order to inform the farmers and make them abreast of modern cropping technology.

Excellent skills were demonstrated by him during the internship along with a self-motivated attitude to learn and absorb new things. He really performed beyond our expectations and motivated the farmers to adopt innovative methodologies. It was revealed later on that a remarkable increase in production was seen this year which was the result of his efforts as an internee. I wish him the best of luck for his bright future.

Chief Executive Officer
Department of Agricultural Extension
Michigan, USA

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Sample -2

Ref. No. 111-RK-20XX

To Whom It May Concern

It is certified on behalf of Care Foundation that Ms. Anna Williams worked with this NGO from 1st September 20XX to 28th February 20XX as an internee. This NGO aims to provide special children with proper care and education and to ensure their active participation in the betterment of society. We also work on the enhancement of their capabilities and rehabilitation.

As an internee having a background in psychology, Ms. Anna was given an opportunity to interact with special children. In order to deal with these children, it requires tolerance. To our expectations, she engaged herself with them and showed her zeal to produce creativity in a friendly environment. She established good relations with children with disabilities in order to cater to their needs. Anna has been bestowed with leadership qualities and it was revealed while she was conducting one on one session with special children. While doing so, she always maintained the discipline in the class coupled with an element of care.

In addition to her friendly attitude in the class, she was also found interacting with her colleagues in a positive way here at the care foundation. She cooperated with other teachers in various classroom activities and played active parts in various social events.

Thus, she has been a source of motivation owing to her professional approach towards any assigned task. This is for sure she will play her part in the betterment of any institution wherever she goes. We hope best for her bright future.

Care Foundation, Michigan (USA)

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