Excuse Letter for not Attending a Conference

An excuse or an apology letter is a professional letter that is written to let your organization or company know about something that you cannot do or are not able to do because of some emergency or some extreme situation.

Writing a letter to inform about your absence is a professional way of telling your employer about your side of the situation. It is better than mere telling on a phone since it will enable your employer to comprehend your excuse professionally.

Following are the key points that should be kept under consideration while writing a formal excuse or apology letter:

  • Use formal letter format to write the letter
  • Give a brief description of your excuse
  • Keep it brief and avoid unnecessary information on your excuse
  • Make sure that your absence will not affect the company and mention that you will compensate for your part of the work.
  • Use professional and polite language in the letter

Following is a format of writing an excuse letter for the company

Sample -1

Date: May 20, 20XX


[Receiver’s Name]
[Name of the Company]

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am aware that you must be very displeased in my absence at the conference that was held yesterday. I know that this conference was extremely important for the company and for you because many representatives of well-known companies were going to attend it. This conference was going to define the future of our company. I asked one of my colleagues to tell me about the conference and I am extremely happy after learning that the conference went out of the ordinary. It was my extreme desire to attend the conference but due to some uncertain circumstances, I could not make it possible.

I am writing this to make an apology for my absence. I know it was mandatory to attend the conference but I could not attend this because of the sudden death of my father. The sudden death of a loved one was a trauma for me and I could not inform you because of the critical time I was facing. I am extremely sorry that I was not able to attend the conference.

I hope you would understand my situation and accept my apology.

Yours sincerely,

[Your Name]

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Sample Letter -2

Date: May 20,20XX


(Receiver’s Name)
(Name of the organization)

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am aware that the company has held an annual conference in the coming week. I know that this conference is of extreme importance for the company and the participation of every employee is mandatory. I was fully prepared for this conference and was quite excited about it. I had completed my assigned tasks before the deadline. But I am writing this with great regret that I will not be able to attend this conference.

I apologize to you in advance for this inconvenience. But I am suffering from severe medical condition and doctors have instructed me to take complete bed rest. I have talked with my colleague and he will present my part of the presentation and there would be no disturbance in the conference because of my absence.

Kindly accept my apology for not being able to attend the conference. I hope that you would understand me in this situation od delicacy.


[Your Name]

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