Account Receivable Clerk Resumes

The post of account receivable clerk in any company is reserved for a very particular person with some specified skills. Your resume should be prepared in such a way that it can highlight your skills. With the help of your resume, you are actually showing that you are organized and skilled enough for this post and can work even under high pressure. The account receivable clerk is one of the main persons of the accounting department. The person sitting on this post is also known as account specialized since a complete insight and knowledge is required to work on this post.

A successful receivable clerk is one who can deal with customers of the company in a better way and can receive the money and keep it to serve the process of record keeping. Here is the resume of the person who wants to work as an account receivable specialist in a particular organization.

Sample Resume


A knowledgeable account specialist who can keep the record of money after receiving it. A Very skilled person who is adept at using a computer to solve account-related problems and can even work on a complex computer system. A Very talented person who can prepare accurate and error-free aging reports from auditing receivables. Specialist in many account-related tasks.

Core competencies:

  • Great knowledge of using the computer system and very knowledgeable in a computer network.
  • Keenly observe everything in Accounting for details.
  • Adept at solving problems and analyzing them.
  • The vast experience of supervision and managing account department.
  • Passionate and always driven towards the targets to achieve them.
  • An active person who can deliver the task before the deadline.
  • Capable enough to perform other duties of the accounting department.
  • Best written and verbal communication skills and very friendly towards the customers of the company.

Work experience:

Account receivable specialist:

ABC Corporation from October 2009- Present

  • I am given the duty to maintain all active account files related to account receivables.
  • I supported the IT specialist working in my firm in developing an expert archive system that can handle and manage account receivables.
  • I work in an accounting department of the company to see the impact of account receivables on the company’s customer’s relations.
  •  I also keep the record of all the receivable invoices, and I am responsible for making an aging report.
  • I compile financial reports and try to provide best services to customers.

Account payable clerk:

XYZ Corporation from February 2007-2009

  • I initiated the management program that helped the whole company in time management.
  • I also managed monthly, quarterly and yearly account receivables of the company.


  • I got a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Florida in 2010
  • Certification from Microsoft and Oracle


My objectives are:

  • To maintain accounting reports
  • To supervise all the accounts simultaneously to keep them up-to-date.
  • To assist customers so that they can manage their current accounts.
  • To maintain a good relationship with the customers and vendors through the timely services provided by me.

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