Work from Home Policy Letter

Work from home policy is an arrangement that clearly states the obligation and expectations need to be fulfilled by an employee working from home. It may furthermore include the request procedure, the approval process, and states who is eligible for working from home. Following is as a sample of working-from-home policy:

Sample Letter


ABC Online Program will be enabling work from home for preparedness and operational capability of working remotely and organizing teams while ensuring essential business continuity. Work from home is not an exemption and does not change the terms and conditions of employment with the organization.


Working from home can be informal and short-term, while on business travel or a critical and crucial environment and political dispute. Working from home will be a trial-based project but will be informed prior a month to encompass any issue regarding it.


Chosen and requesting individual must be a regular employee and employed within ABC for at least 9 months continuous as well as must-have exceptional performance record.  

Below are a few essential instructions for Managers and Staff who will be on work from home status:


For Managers/ Supervisors:

  • Managers will align their team members on the purpose, process, and guidelines of work-from-home status.
  • Managers will supervise the work-from-home activities of the staff engaging themselves in the tasks given to the team.
  • A day earlier, Managers and the staff will decide the tasks to be done during the day.
  • Managers will deliberately add tasks that will be mandatory to do remotely. It would also encompass at least one remote meeting on teams concerning all staff on work-from-home and one constituent meeting. Response to emails and any other managerial tasks would also be incorporated.
  • Managers will make sure that they use the Zoom or Team Viewer options so that the staff engagements appear in the calendar.
  • On return, Managers will organize a debrief session with the individual who was working from home and share the feedback with the respective focal persons in their offices.

For Staff on Work from Home Status:

  • The staff has to make sure that they will be full time available as in-office routine while working from home.
  • Staff will ensure they have all the essential equipment with them like a laptop, internet connection and mobile phones, etc.
  • Staff will complete all the tasks and participate in activities decided with their Manager and other team members.
  • Staff must have to stay at their location – home or any other which they have selected for the station.

As a result, the next day of work from home, the Managers will document and share their experience, challenges, and recommendations with the focal members. This should include at least two points around each of the below:

  • What went thriving and what did not go well
  • What were the key challenges/limitations, if any; and
  • Proposals for managers and staff to make it more productive and effective.

Before entering into a contract, the HR department will assist and evaluate the sustainability of the employee, required equipment, job obligation, and terms and conditions.

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