Purchase Order Cancellation Letter

To cancel any purchasing order made earlier, we write a purchase order cancellation letter. This letter can be written by anyone either be an individual or a company, who needs to cancel a purchase order. To make it persuading you should have a valid reason for writing the cancelation letter so the service provider should know and understand the decision. You should have to be sensible while writing such a letter, if not maintained accordingly it may cost your reputation.

Below are stated some examples of purchase order cancellation. 

1. From business to suppliers

From: ABC Corporation.

To: XYZ Supplier.

Subject: To cancel the purchase order

Dear Sir,

This letter is about the spare part items we had ordered through your salesperson on 20th January with the order number [X]. We have been waiting for it for so long; the due date of delivery has already been passed. This unapprised delay in delivering has cost us our reputation and reliability in the market. As we had to complete the product therefore we are compelled to purchase the materials from another supplier. Kindly consider the order as canceled under this circumstance.

We request you to refund the advance payments.

Thanking You,


2. From a customer to a business

 To: ABC Company

Subject: Purchase Cancellation appeal

I recently send a purchasing request via the website for the item no. 1034 (Sony, PlayStation 4pro)  on 20th March 2020 with an advance payment of $2000. I would like to cancel the order; the delivery date is estimated for 1 April 2020. I have read and understood the terms and conditions, according to that I can cancel the request with a full refund of payment. My apologies for the inconvenience I have to make a payment to the hospital and don’t have much in spare at the time. I have made many purchases with this company you have got a good selection of products with a very nice price range. I am a very loyal customer and enjoy shopping with you.

Waiting for your response.

Sincerely Yours,


3. From a Company to a Company


Letter Issuing Company Name
City Name


Requesting to Company name

Subject: Request for purchase Cancellation:

Regretfully I would like to ask if you cancel the purchase order number 98765 which was placed on Monday. Due to some unexpected proceedings, our company is facing financial issues and to overcome any legal concerns we are obliged to submit a heavy fine. Therefore, we would request you to cancel the order. I hope it’s not late to make such a request.

Please respond back as earlier as possible, I hope to hear a positive solution and apologies for our negligence and inconvenience.

Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely.


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4. From a retailer to a business

Dear Sir.

I have made an urgent order request of many items in a handful of the amount due to a mismanagement of the inventory by the storekeeper. Today I have been informed that the items are already available in the storeroom therefore kindly cancel my request for the purchase. I would like to compensate you for any loss, you might incur on account of the order canceling.  My order number is 46543 requests made on 24th March 25, 2020.

Truly Yours,


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