Warning Letter for Unacceptable Behavior at Work

Sometimes the employee in any company behaves non-professionally so you must draft a formal warning letter to him. The main purpose of writing this letter is to inform the employee that his/her behavior is not acceptable at work. The letter should also explain the expectations from the employee and the consequences of such nonseries behavior.

A warning letter is not something ordinary that is issued to the employee. It is the document that is not used until the employee commits a serious mistake. The letter should state that if the employee will continue his bad behavior despite the warning, the organization has a right to terminate the job of the employee. The employee can be warned verbally, however, a written warning is more influential.

The letter should be started with a formal warning, and it should also be stated that several verbal warnings have already been given.

The letter should ask the employee to consider this letter as the last warning. The consequences in case of continuing the same none serious behavior should also be mentioned in the letter.

The letter should be ended with a statement asking the employee to avoid misconduct. It should also be told in the letter that the behavior of the employee will be under observation hereafter.

Warning letter for unacceptable behavior at work:

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

It has been brought to the notice of the management of the company that you have behaved very non-professionally on several occasions. As a manager of the company, I have a full right to ask you to get back to your work with a serious attitude and passion. Please consider this letter as a warning.

Even though we have given you many verbal warnings, you have not shown any improvement in your bad behavior. If you continue your bad behavior, we will have no choice but to terminate your job.

We expect you to rectify the problems generated due to unacceptable behavior.

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Warning letter for unacceptable behavior at work

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Dear Mr. [name]

This letter is being written by the Human Resource department to warn you about the recent spate of incidents involving you.

Teamwork is more efficient and produces better results increasing productivity. To work in a team one needs to develop a certain temperament and keep an open mind. You have to put your ego to one side and take instructions and listen to the feedback of your team leader.

The way you behaved in the team meeting held on [date] in regards to the [project name], is totally unacceptable as we expect a minimum level of maturity from our employees and the way you argued with your team leader was embarrassing for the rest of the team especially as the clients were also present in the said meeting. The image of the firm is adversely affected by such incidents.

Another reservation we have is the way you treat the peons, clerical staff, and office boys. All of us in this office, work together doing our part. Everyone must be respected and treated with dignity. The office environment becomes unpleasant when you treat the support staff rudely.

 Please work on the aforementioned issues as we have a zero-tolerance policy in these matters.

Looking forward to seeing a positive change in your behavior.


This letter is written as a warning to inform you that the incident that happened on [date] is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

You were well aware that the deadline for [project name] was [date]. You also knew the importance of this project for the firm yet despite multiple reminders by your team leader, you did not submit your progress reports on time and reassured him that there was no issue.

A day before the final submission you went missing without informing anyone of your whereabouts. Needless to say, it was very embarrassing for the team to present their work with your module missing. Despite their best efforts, the client was not satisfied and his negative remarks about the company are a source of alarm for all of us.

We have zero tolerance for such negligent and unprofessional attitudes. You have let your team and by extension the firm down. You know that we are part of a very competitive market and one bad review can cost the firm multiple projects and hence a big loss. We had multiple projects in the pipeline with this client but after this experience they are understandable, pulling out of them.

You are required to come before the disciplinary committee consisting of the heads of [Department name], the head of [department 2], your team leader, and the project head; on [date] to give an explanation for your actions and after hearing you out the committee would decide the future course of action.

Looking forward to an improvement in your performance.

Warning Letter for Disrespectful Behavior

It has been found and investigated that your behavior with your colleagues is disrespectful, rude, and insulting. Mr. John, on the other day, complained about the verbal altercation with you.

Ms. Sarah your subordinate complains about being scolded for the work she has not done. Later you admitted that it was your fault. And we have a long list of complaints such as these.

Taking the matter into notice, I warn you to bring attention to your attitude towards others. You must have respectful behavior towards your colleagues in every situation.

Non-compliance may bring serious consequences for you.

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