Warning Letter for Smoking in the Office

A warning letter for smoking in the office is a letter prepared by the employer and is issued to the employee. In this letter, the employer addresses the issue of employee smoking in the office and warns him against it for the future to avoid any serious actions that might be taken by the company, as the incidences of smoking in the office may disturb and affect people in the surroundings.

Usually, the organizations do not allow smoking in the office so that a pleasant environment can be created as well as passive smoking can be avoided. These rules are often stated in the employee handbooks as well. However, if an employee does not comply with the rule, he will be issued a warning letter, which can later lead to drastic action, if the employee repeatedly smokes in the office. Sometimes, there are assigned areas of smoking in the office building and employees are requested to smoke only in such areas. Otherwise, they will be answerable for their smoking in any other area.

The information included in a warning letter may vary depending on the frequency of smoking in the office, strictness in the company policy and a number of complaints. Generally, the following details are included in the warning letter for smoking in the office:

  • Date.
  • Details of the employer.
  • Details of the employee.
  • The issue and incidence of smoking in the office.
  • Effects on other employees, companies, customers.
  • Reference to the company policy.
  • Mention any smoking area, if any.
  • Warning.
  • Mention the dire consequences in case of repetition.
  • Seek improvement and show hope.
  • Salutations.

This letter is kept as a record in the employee file, which can be referred to in case the employee does the act repeatedly. This could then be used as evidence that the company did warn the employee beforehand, which would smoothen the legal processes (if any involved) for the company, especially if the company decides to terminate the employee or cancel his contract.

Sample Letter



Dear Mr. Steven,

This letter is intended to warn you against your unprofessional behavior of smoking in the office area.

In our office building, there is a separate smoking area on the ground floor, which all our employees are completely aware of. It has been clearly stated in the employee handbook that no employee is allowed to smoke outside that area, while in the office building. Still, you breached that rule and smoked in your office seat on 14th November 2019.

Your colleagues who were sitting near you got disturbed because of the smoke and have complained against you. One of them has a throat allergy, so she had to leave the office for a while. This is not acceptable in our company.

We hope that such behavior will not be repeated. Else, this warning might turn into your termination.

We seek improvement. For any information contact [Contact].


Martha William.

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