Office Closed for Holiday Messages to Staff

Announcement for Christmas

Dear staff members hope you are doing well. The festive days are coming, Christmas days are here. The company wants you to enjoy these moments with your family. There is an announcement from the CEO that the office will remain closed for Christmas. The office will remain closed from Friday [DATE] till Monday [Date].

You will be sending the hard copy of the notice for the Christmas holidays as confirmation. Decorate your house, make tasty foods and have parties in these awesome holidays. Enjoy your time and have holidays full of fun. Merry Christmas!

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Announcement for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a special occasion that we celebrate with our lovely fellows and friends. Everyone wants to spend precious moments with their loved ones. So, the company has decided to announce the Thanksgiving holidays. The company is also organizing the event regarding the occasion so you celebrate and share your feelings. It will be surely a fantastic time for you. Enjoy your holidays and then the precious occasion that the company is going to organize for the staff members. Prepare for it. It will be a large level event in which your family members will be invited. Be prepared and ready to have fun. The date for the event will be announced soon. Happy Thanksgiving!

The favorite time of year is here. Everyone loves to have hot chocolate and coffee, soothing fragrance of essential oils and house decoration. The company is announcing holidays for this thanksgiving. The office will remain closed for three days. You will receive an Email and official document for the holidays too. Join the office again on Thursday. Have fun on this thanksgiving and do remember your needy fellows too. Have fun. Decorate your home; bake the turkey and spread thyme fragrance all around to get the real fun of the occasion. Happy thanksgiving holidays!

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Announcement for Easter

Are you ready to meet cute Easter characters? Want to spend quality time with loved ones this Easter? If yes, then the company cares for you and has decided to give an additional holiday to the entire staff. For all staff members, the company is announcing the upcoming holidays for the Easter occasion. The office will remain closed from Wednesday till the weekend. Have fun on these holidays and spend precious time with siblings, parents, and friends. Don’t forget the fellows that are unable to celebrate. Prepare funky eggs and delicious food items. We wish you the warmest holidays. Cheers.

Announcement for Sudden Holiday

Our company greets its staff and management staff and we hope you are receiving this message with a healthy life. It is informed to all the staff of the company that the office will be closed due to the holiday. It is further informed that all the activities which were planned for today will be delayed to the next working day. The management will further guide you in the office. The office will be regular and all the activities will be continued after the holiday. We hope you will enjoy the holiday and stay blessed!

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