Warning Letter for not Maintaining Oral Hygiene

A warning letter for not maintaining oral hygiene is a document written by the employer of an organization, in which he addresses the employee and warns him against the employee’s bad oral hygiene. The warning issued by the organization can be based on the complaints launched by the employee’s colleagues or the customers of the organization.

Keeping oral hygiene is the foremost duty of an employee. Even then, to emphasize it, companies include hygiene maintenance in their policies. This is because the bad oral hygiene of an individual makes it difficult for other employees and customers to interact with him, which would ultimately affect the company and its business.

The warning given to the employee may differ depending on the extent of the issue and the number of complaints. Generally, the warning letter for not maintaining oral hygiene includes the following information:

  • Date.
  • Details of the employee.
  • Details of the employer.
  • The issue of oral hygiene.
  • Importance of oral hygiene and reference to the company policy.
  • Effects on other employees, customers, and the company.
  • Warning to improve oral hygiene.
  • Consequences in case of no improvement.
  • Show confidence in the employee regarding the improvement.
  • Salutations.

This warning letter sets the basis for further action by the company. If an employee, after receiving the warning, improves his oral hygiene and the number of complaints against him starts decreasing, the warning letter has done its role. However, if the employee does not pay heed even to the letter, the company would have to take some action, which may even reach the severity of termination.

Usually, employees get embarrassed by this type of bad oral hygiene warning letters. In addition, these letters are kept as a record in the employee file and can be used for any future reference. This becomes quite an embarrassing situation for the employee and hence, he/ she tries to avoid getting them. Even if received, the employee tries to resolve the issue to evade any future action of the company.

Sample Letter



Dear Mr. John,

This letter is intended to warn you against your poor oral hygiene.

We have received various complaints against you from your colleagues as well as the customers that you do not maintain oral hygiene, which makes it difficult for them to interact with you.

Firstly, it is part of our company policy that you have to maintain hygiene, oral and physical, to present a good image as well as to avoid any ill effects on the work. Secondly, being a front-end customer representative officer, your job entails constant interaction with the customers, which makes it even more important to not have bad breath or bad hygiene.

We cannot afford the suffering of our customers in any way. We are warning you to improve your oral hygiene and overall image if you want to avoid any drastic actions by the company.

We hope to see a change.


Steven Watson.

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