Vehicle Mileage Log Template

Mileage logs are used to record or register how many miles a vehicle has traveled in a specific time, days, weeks, months, or years. If you require a mileage log or are on the lookout for how to make a Mileage log, the best place to find one is on the internet.

What is a vehicle mileage log?

A worksheet that is used to record the total mileage covered by the vehicle is known as the vehicle mileage log. There are various scenarios in which the use of a vehicle mileage log is necessary. Many businesses make use of this mileage log when they want to know the total money spent on transport in order to calculate the total amount to be paid in the form of tax, reimbursement, etc.

You really don’t need to construct a mileage log yourself to be used for your business or personal needs. In today’s day and age when everything is so widely available on the internet, you should also utilize this convenience. Making your own mileage log can be very time-consuming and tiring. The best thing to do in such a case would be to download a template. Templates are created to make your life easier.

A mileage log template is beneficial thing for the fitness of your vehicle. By keeping a proper record of mileage you can keep your vehicle fit and perfect. You will also get an idea about the periodic maintenance required for the vehicle. In simple words, a mileage log is a fitness guide for your vehicle.

Mileage log with reimbursement form

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Why do people use mileage logs?

There are many purposes for tracking the mileage of the vehicle. An organization needs proof in order to reimburse the expenses. The proof can be a mileage log from which the organization can see how much money was spent on fuel. The mileage log also provides details regarding the places covered by the vehicle. The organizations also use this log to deduct the number of expenses from the taxable income.


The mileage log template is not just a sheet where the mileage can be recorded. Rather, it serves as a mileage calculator with the help of which the user can easily calculate the total mileage of the vehicle. Moreover, this calculator simplifies the process of mileage calculation with the help of its pre-defined formulas. There are very few chances of occurrence of an error in the calculation since it is done automatically.

Mileage Log with Reimbursement Log

Mileage log with reimbursement form

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Generic mileage log

Vehicle Mileage Log Template

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